“Talk to your financial adviser about how to divest your retirement savings from the gun industry”
Famed rapper Snoop Dogg has become the face of a new campaign to eliminate investments into American gun companies.

Known as “UnloadYour401K,” the project aims to convince 401k holders to contact their financial advisers and demand that any gun investments be removed immediately.

“Inside many of our 401k retirement portfolios are three public gun companies,” the campaign’s website states. “Find out if they’re in yours and learn what you can do to begin taking them out.”

A YouTube video promoting the campaign, which has all comments and rating abilities disabled in a clear attempt to control public opinion, features Snoop as well as several other celebrities.

“I’m unloading for my love ones that I lost,” Snoop says. “I’m going all in for gun free investing.”

Using carefully selected gun statistics that ignore the75 percent drop in gun crime in the last 20 years and the fact that firearms are used more than 760,000 times a year to defend against criminals, the campaign makes the assumption that a boycott against gun manufacturers will somehow equate to less gun violence.

“Snoop actually came to us,” said Jennifer Fiore, spokeswoman for Campaign to Unload, a sponsor of the project. “We’re really glad to have him as part of this. It’s helping bring awareness to a lot of people who have no idea of the economic power they have to affect this debate on gun violence.”

Fiore went on to claim that the campaign was not “anti-gun” but merely an “anti-gun lobby” group.

“This is about the corporate gun lobby, not law-abiding gun owners,” Fiore said.

Snoop’s endeavor comes two years after his politically charged “No Guns Allowed” music video, which featured images of famous shootings and even President Obama, who oversaw the shipment of thousands of firearms into Mexico in order to push gun control by blaming Americans as revealed in Fast and Furious documents obtained by CBS News.

According to a December 2014 poll by the Pew Research Center, the Second Amendment has only risen in popularity as Americans witness the failure of arbitrary gun control laws and the federal government’s clear agenda to erode the public’s constitutional right.