Will Give Teachers Authority To Force Student Mental Evaluations

Texas Lawmaker Pushes Mandatory Mental Health Screening For Children

Source: Steve Watson |

A Texas lawmaker has introduced draconian legislation that would force parents to have their children undergo mental health screenings at the behest of teachers, under threat of suspension from school.

The bill, introduced by Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas), gives school officials the power to diagnose students with psychological problems, and mandate screenings by health professionals.

Parents would then have 30 days to comply with the ruling, or the child will be sent to “an alternative school”.

The bill reads:

“ …the requirement that the parent or guardian, before the expiration of the 30-day period, to avoid suspension of the student under this section, take the student to the nearest local mental health authority or a physician specializing in psychiatry to receive a mental health screening and a certificate of medical examination for mental illness, as described by Section 533.03522(c), Health and Safety Code, that contains the examining physician’s opinion that the student is not a danger to self or others.”

Worse still, teachers would be required by law to inform the police, as well as local mental health authorities, providing the name and address of the student, as well as information regarding the psychological problem.

(i) A school counselor or a principal who receives notice
under. Subsection (b) about a student who subsequently is subject to
a notice of intent to suspend under Subsection (g) shall:
(1) provide the student’s name and address and
information concerning the conduct or statement that led to the
notice of intent to suspend to:
(A) the school district police department, if the
school counselor or principal is employed by a school district and
the district has a police department;
(B) the police department of the municipality in
which the school is located or, if the school is not in a
municipality, the sheriff of the county in which the school is
located; and
(C) the local mental health authority nearest the

The legislation essentially forces teachers to surveil children and act as unqualified quacks for the state. It also opens up the possibility that children who merely act out of turn, or question authority can be declared mentally unstable by unqualified administrators.

Under the legislation, children could be medicated with questionable psychiatric drugs or face losing their education.

Critics, including former Congressman Ron Paul have long warned of the danger of government mandated mental screenings for children. In 2011, Paul introduced the Parental Consent Act, HR 2769, in an effort to prohibit federal funds from being used to establish or implement any universal or mandatory mental health or psychiatric screening program.

As Paul noted at the time “There has been a persistent lobbying effort, funded by pharmaceutical companies, to increase the number of prescriptions to even more children. A universal screening program is the stated goal of these lobbyists.”

The Obama administration, as part of its gun control agenda, has also stealthily pushed for mental screening in schools under a program called ‘Now Is The Time’.

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education have been provided millions in funding to essentially open up public schools to the psychopharma industry.

It comes as no real surprise that Texas Rep. Jason Villalba is on board with the move. Other statist legislation he has introduced recently includes a bill to restrict the filming of police officers, and a bill to  eliminate religious exemption for vaccination.