President Barack Obama is pictured. | AP

Source: Politico

A federal judge in Texas ruled late Tuesday that lawyers defending President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration engaged in “misconduct” by repeatedly suggesting Obama’s most recent round of immigration moves had not yet been implemented when one key change already had been.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, who sits in Brownsville, Texas, also released a long-awaited ruling refusing to stay an injunction he issued in February that blocks Obama from going forward with plans his administration announced last year to offer quasi-legal status and work permits to millions more illegal immigrants.

The denial of the federal government’s request for a stay was widely expected and is likely of little consequence since a federal appeals court is scheduled to hear arguments on that issue next week.

However, Hanen’s castigation of Justice Department lawyers for violating their duties of candor with the court is likely to reverberate for some time, spawning new stacks of pleadings and appeals in a case that has already generated more than its share of hard-fought litigation.

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