Florida resident catches officer driving with broken headlight at unsafe speeds

Video: Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Issues Warning

Source: Adan Salazar | Infowars.com |

A recent video out of Florida shows a brave citizen flipping the tables on a sheriff’s deputy, pulling the cop over for a number of infractions before letting him go with a warning.

The video begins with Pinella County resident Adam Bocanegra approaching a police vehicle he witnessed speeding and driving with a broken headlight.

“The reason I pulled you over today, I’m actually doing a citizen’s pull over because I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but your headlight is out,” Bocanegra states.

“Yes, I’m aware,” the officer responds.

“Well, you’re driving an authorized city vehicle in unsafe conditions. I’ve actually been pulled over for this same exact thing and was given a ticket,” Bocanegra informs the officer, before graciously letting him off the hook.

“So, I’m actually not gonna give you a ticket today, I’m actually gonna give you a warning,” he tells the sheriff’s deputy, who sarcastically responds, “Oh, thank you for that.”

“I’m just letting you know that as a citizen of the United States of America, we have rights and we have rights to actually hold our police accountable,” Bocanegra tells the officer.

Up to this point, the sheriff’s deputy played along with what he certainly must have thought to be a prank or joke, but Bocanegra’s last statement prompts him to exit his cruiser.

Bocanegra continues explaining police accountability, telling the officer he also spotted him speeding and that he believed it was unsafe to be driving at excessive speeds with only one headlight.

Bocanegra also tells the officer he had to speed up to 65 miles-per-hour in order to catch up with the cruiser.

“So you were speeding, as well?” the officer asks.

“Actually, no,” Bocanegra states. “You were speeding. I was actually trying to wave you down to let you know that you had a headlight out, which is very, very dangerous… and especially in this area over here where there is construction.”

Though the officer heads out shrugging off Bocanegra’s warnings, the video is a testament to the power of media and a citizen’s ability to hold police accountable.

In a follow-up video, Bocanegra iterates he made the video in order to bring awareness to the fact that the people have power.

“I’m not gonna ride around looking for cops not using their blinkers. That’s not what I’m doing,” he says. “What I’m doing is spreading awareness. I’m standing up for American citizens.”

“This is our community, these are our streets, our tax dollars pay their salary. And if my tax dollars are paying their salary, I’m going to hold them accountable.”