Neither Russia nor China will accept the “vassalage status” that Germany, France, the UK, Canada, and other countries have accepted

Russia and China are conducting naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. The naval exercises commenced just a couple of days after Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the grand Victory Day celebrations in Moscow. They include live-fire exercises in the backyard of Western Europe. Russia and China have started flexing their muscles together to challenge the U.S. hegemony as they look to change the current world order.

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U.S. determined to block Russia and China

Dr Paul Craig Roberts, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, said in a blog post that the United States was determined to block the rise of Russia and China. But neither of them will join the “world’s acceptance of Washington’s hegemony.” Roberts notes that the US’ attempt to contain Russia is the key reason for the crisis “Washington has created in Ukraine.”

Paul Craig Roberts, head of the Institute of Political Economy, said that Washington’s aggression and propaganda have convinced Moscow and Beijing that Washington intends war. It has prompted Russia and China to form a strategic alliance to counterbalance the U.S. might. Dr Roberts believes that Russia and China will not accept the “vassalage status” that Germany, France, the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and many other countries have accepted.

‘Nuclear war is our likely future’

Washington’s arrogance of its self-image as an “exceptional, indispensable” country with hegemonic rights over other nations has laid the groundwork for a war. Unless the U.S. dollar and power collapses, “nuclear war is our likely future,” said Dr Roberts. Besides military exercises, Russia and China have been stitching economic alliances to move closer to each other.

Last year, Moscow and Beijing signed a $400 billion gas supply deal. Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping signed a $25 billion agreement to boost Chinese lending to Russian firms. Jinping also invited Russian troops to march in a parade to be held in Beijing in September. On Wednesday, Putin’s office announced that Russia would conduct military training exercises with China and India.