In a campaign stop in Iowa yesterday Senator Rand Paul had some choice words for the President, labeling him an “idiot” over his handling of the situation in Syria.

The specific comments begin at around 10 minutes…

Speaking to the crowd on military and foreign policy, Paul asked “What kind of idiot sends four people to war?”

The Senator was referring to Obama’s monumental fail in attempting to train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. The program cost an estimated $500 million but was aborted in October as it was revealed that just ‘4 or 5’ trainees remained from an initial 54.

“If you go to war, you don’t go with underwhelming force, you go to war with overwhelming force,” Paul further explained.

Paul also spoke on arming the rebels, calling it “crazy foolish to feed arms to people who hate us.”

The Senator also slammed Obama over deploying US boots on the ground without Congressional approval.

“What genius sends 50 people to war?” Paul asked, adding “If you want to send troops over there, we don’t send 50. We have a declaration of war and we vote on it in Congress. Fifty people is a recipe for one of our soldiers getting captured and tortured, and then we will be dragged into a bigger war.”

The Libertarian leaning candidate also continued where he left off in the debate with GOP rival Marco Rubio, as far as military spending is concerned.

During the TV showdown, Paul sparred with Rubio, urging that an endorsement of limitless military spending cannot be considered conservative.

“The difference between Marco and I is he will spend whatever it takes, even if it means we will go further into debt,” Paul told the Iowa crowd Thursday, adding “I think that really endangers us.”

In a further appearance on Fox Business, Paul continued the stabs at Rubio, outlining that the Florida Senator supported “Hillary’s war in Libya.”

“Marco Rubio supported Hillary’s war in Libya which destabilized the region, so Marco really should explain himself that when he is concerned about ISIS in Libya, he needs to explain why he supported toppling Qaddafi… creating an unstable situation where ISIS was able to take advantage.” Paul stated.