Notorious hacking group speaks with Infowars

Breaking: Hackers Threaten Governors for Refusing Refugees

The hacking group responsible for breaching the head of the CIA’s personal email last month has now set its sights on US governors who refuse to accept migrants into their states.


Following last week’s terror attacks in Paris, which took the lives of more than 120 people, the Obama administration’s policy of admitting alleged Syrian refugees into the country has come under intense scrutiny.

Citing the potential for further attacks, as many as 27 state governors have now refused to accept any further refugees, drawing the ire of the notorious hacking group “Crackas With Attitudes (CWA).”

Speaking with Infowars, a CWA member known as “Cracka” detailed the group’s grievances and plans in regards to governors from each state.

“Refugees are getting away from a war USA started, fuck USA gov,” Cracka said.

Cracka revealed that that the group would begin gathering personal information on the governors such as phone call logs and credit card details.

“We’re going to do little damage at first, e.g. drop their call logs, jack their ISP’s, post their last 4 cc (credit card) and last 4 SSN (Social Security Number),” the hacker stated.

With this information, Cracka and the group plans to “ruin the lives” of their targets.

“Then we’ll ruin their lives, put them in debt etc,” he added.

Cracka also stated that he would support background checks for incoming migrants but opposed declining anyone access unless they were proven to be involved in terrorism.

“Background checks would be good, but only send them back for terrorism, not petty crimes like throwing stones to protect their family,” he said.

Infowars was unable to reach both the offices of the Texas governor and the Idaho governor for comment at the time of this article’s publication.

Following the CIA hack, CWA made headlines again earlier this month after releasing private information on several thousand government employees from local police departments to the Department of Homeland Security.

Multiple government agencies including the Secret Service are currently investigating the group.

In response to the ongoing investigation against him and CWA, Cracka predicted that he and the group would eventually be caught.

“The feds are a joke, but obviously, we will be caught eventually,” he said.