Grenade launchers, sniper rifles, M4 rifles…

‘Hundreds of guns lost or stolen’ from Bay Area Authorities

AWR Hawkins | Breitbart

On Nov 16, NBC Bay Area released an investigative report showing that “hundred of guns” have been “lost or stolen” from police departments and federal agencies in the Bay Area since 2010.

And these are not simply semiautomatic handguns, but grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and M4 rifles–which are fully automatic military-grade rifles on the AR-15 platform.

According to NBC Bay Area, while it is common knowledge that a gun stolen from a Bureau of Land Management agent’s vehicle was later used by an illegal alien to kill Kathryn Steinle in July, there has still been no answer provided for how guns the BLM has lost.

But NBC did learn that “in the Bay Area alone, six local law enforcement agencies can’t account for at least 379 firearms since 2010 because of loss or theft.”

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