ARLINGTON, Va., (UPI) — CACI International released its SkyTracker, a precision system designed to track the unlawful misuse of unmanned aerial vehicles.

SkyTracker’s detection, identification and tracking system establishes a sensor perimeter that uses a UAV’s radio links to locate drone systems flying in banned or protected airspace. The system can also track the location of the UAV’s ground operator. CACI says the system is ideal from protecting high-value public and private spaces, such as airports, stadiums, law enforcement, agriculture and others.

“CACI is proud to advance our SkyTracker solution to address the rapidly escalating threat posed by the misuse of unmanned aircraft systems,” CACI President and CEO Ken Asbury said in a statement. “The development of innovative technological solutions in response to complex security threats is in our DNA. We built SkyTracker to address one of the most complex challenges facing those responsible for protecting critical infrastructure.”

The SkyTracker is designed to perform in various environments, including wide-area platforms such as military bases and more compact settings such as government buildings and embassies. The system can identify an aerial drone without interfering with the operator’s aircraft, legitimate electronics, or communication systems. SkyTracker is fitted for all weather conditions, and features automated monitoring.

“SkyTracker has broad applications in the protection of critical infrastructure, stadiums, events, or anywhere drones pose a potential risk to people or assets,” CACI Chief Operation Officer and President of U.S. Operations John Mengucci added.