Set to unveil his war plans

Britain's war against ISIS: David Cameron wants to launch airstrikes in Syria in two weeks

The Prime Minister is said to be preparing a “comprehensive” seven-point plan for military intervention against the barbaric terror group, including a blueprint for war-torn Syria’s future.

The first UK jets to strike jihadi targets in the war-torn country would begin within hours of a ‘yes’ vote.

MPs are expected to vote on extending the RAF action to Syria early next month before Parliament breaks up for Christmas on December 17.

Mr Cameron’s final attempt to win backing for airstrikes comes as the the Chancellor George Osborne prepares to announce that Britain is purchasing 138 stealth fighter jets in a £12billion deal.

Mr Osborne said the latest investment will ensure Britain has the second most potent carrier strike force after the US in order to smash barbaric extremist groups.

The prime minister will fly to Paris for a war summit with President Francois Hollande on Monday, as his confidence of winning a yes vote was bolstered after a United Nations resolution that countries should “combat by all means this unprecedented threat” from the sick terror group.

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