"We understand that we are a terrorist target. But do not be afraid. The NYPD will protect you," New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

Nwo Report

American officials have called on people to stay calm following the release of a video from the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group threatening to attack New York.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Sunday urged residents not to change their plans despite the recent terror attack in Paris.

“There is no specific and credible threat against New York City. So it’s crucial that people go about their normal business,” de Blasio said.

“We understand that we are a terrorist target,” Bratton said. “But do not be afraid. The NYPD will protect you.”

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on Sunday, “We have no specific credible intelligence about a threat of the Paris type directed at the homeland here.”

“With this holiday season coming up we want the public to continue to go to public events, celebrate the holiday season, travel, be with their families and the like,” Johnson added.

American officials’ comments came days after bombers and gunmen launched coordinated attacks in and around the French capital on November 13, killing at least 130 people and injuring more than 350 others.

ISIL terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, have claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in France. They now control parts of Syria and Iraq.

However, some independent American analysts like former White House official Paul Craig Roberts say the United States and NATO likely orchestrated the attacks to close their borders to refugees and ramp up the war in Syria in order to counter Russia, which has been conducting air strikes there against Daesh terrorists since September 30.