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ISIS Calls on Supporters in France to Kill Teachers

“It is an obligation to fight and kill…these enemies of Allah”

ISIS Calls on Supporters in France to Kill Teachers

Just over a month after the Paris massacre, ISIS has urged its supporters in France to kill school teachers who provide a secular education.

The call appeared in the latest French-language edition of the terror organization’s magazine Dar al-Islam, which was published yesterday.

“ISIS claimed that the teachers take Muslim children away from their parents as part of a Western war against the Muslim family as well as prevent them from “joining the Caliphate,” reports Debka File.

“It is therefore an obligation to fight and kill…these enemies of Allah,” the magazine said.

ISIS’ call for its supporters to attack teachers came on the same day that America’s two biggest school systems – Los Angeles and New York – received threats “of a large-scale jihadi attack with guns and bombs.”

L.A. responded by shutting down its entire school network, but New York Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed the emailed threat was “outlandish” and contained “nothing credible”.

Earlier this week, a teacher in Paris claimed to have been the victim of a stabbing by an ISIS supporter, but the story later turned out to be a hoax.

France, which has Europe’s largest Muslim population, as high as 9.6% according to some estimates, is a country that is home to a disturbing number of ISIS supporters. A poll conducted by ICM found that 16% of French citizens support ISIS, while 27% of young people aged 18-24 support ISIS.

In a related development, BBC News reports that another two suspects linked to the Paris massacre exploited the refugee program in order to slip into Europe.

Austrian police arrested two men who had been hiding amongst refugees at a migrant camp in Salzburg. The men, who entered Greece on fake Syrian passports, reportedly, “travelled with members of the terror cell that carried out the 13 November attacks that killed 130 people.”

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