Source: John Gibson

Delegate shenanigans are roiling both Democrats and Republican primary races.

For instance, Hillary Clinton seems to be very adept at snagging more delegates than Bernie Sanders even when Bernie wins.

Ted Cruz had been playing this inside game for a while now. A prime example was his loss to Trump in Louisiana, which nonetheless gave him an equal number of delegates, and an opportunity to collect even more.

And Donald Trump is now screeching about Ted Cruz cleaning Trump’s clock in Colorado, where Cruz took all 34 delegates in a Republican convention held on Saturday.

The reality is that Trump and his campaign have been asleep at the switch and their drowsy approach to the Republican delegate game has allowed Cruz to sneak in and grab delegates Trump should have or could have snagged for himself.

Trump convention manager Paul Manafort even went so far as to accuse Cruz of “gestapo tactics” in winning the inside game.

But let’s go back to Colorado for a moment. The Republican Party in that state announced back in August that it was not going to let voters vote. No primary, no straw poll at caucuses. Instead the Party intended to select unbound delegates, under the theory they would have more sway at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

So. No actual vote by Republicans in Colorado.


No actual voting? Yup. As the Denver Post reported in August, “The GOP executive committee has voted to cancel the traditional presidential preference poll after the national party changed its rules to require a state’s delegates to support the candidate who wins the caucus vote.”

The plan was to hold caucus meetings to select delegates not pledged to any particular candidate, in order for the Colorado delegation to have more influence. But it didn’t work out that way. When the Convention met on Saturday, Cruz operatives were able to place Cruz delegates into all 34 slots.

And according to Republican delegate hopeful Larry Wayne Lindsey, he was refused credentials because he was a Trump supporter. “I’ve been in line for about 45 mins trying to get into the arena for the caucus. I am a delegate but we’ll see whether or not they have provided my credentials for me.  I as threatened if I tried to vote for trump I would be replaced, my vote nullified, and they would replace me with an alternate of their choosing.”

A little later, when he was denied entry to the convention, Lindsey said, “I guess my precinct captain made good on her threats.  My name is no longer on the roster as a delegate. I have been removed and replaced.  My vote nullified because I voted for Trump.  I am unbelievably pissed.  I am sick to death with how dishonest and corrupt these people are in Douglas county for the GOP.  I’m ashamed to call myself a republican.”

So Cruz maneuvered, and plotted, and got his people named as Colorado delegates.

And there was never a vote among Colorado Republicans.

Instead Cruz won 34 delegates in a system in Colorado that didn’t even bother to ask voters.

A rigged system?

Certainly looks that way.

Is that the way Cruz voters want him to win?

I guess they don’t mind. It’s Trump who’s complaining, not Cruz.

But expect Trump to start calling Cruz by a new name. Lyin’ Ted will be out. Sneaky Ted will be in.

Maybe it’s not Ted Cruz’s fault.

But it definitely is the fault of the GOP in Colorado. Cutting out voters makes the party look corrupt.