Seizing on the media- and government-manufactured “Panama Papers” brouhaha, governments and globalist organizations announced a wave of new edicts and agreements last week in a plot to kill what remains of financial privacy rights and impose a radical global tax regime on humanity. The Obama administration, the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Socialist International, the European Union, and more are fully behind the effort. Of course, as this magazine has documented, those establishment forces, socialist groups, international organizations, tax-funded shills, and bloated governments have been pushing the same dangerous agenda for years without much success. Now they see their chance.

Indeed, just as The New American magazine and other non-establishment sources predicted, the so-called scandal, which erupted over the leak of legal documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, has been fully exploited by globalists. They have already advanced their dangerous agenda for a global tax regime to share your information with foreign governments and dictatorships around the world. Now they are aiming to forever kill the final remnants of the unalienable human right to privacy, worldwide, with an avalanche of new decrees, international agreements, and more. The basic premise is that every person on Earth, except members of the establishment behind the curtain, is guilty until proven innocent. And so, privacy rights have to go.

On the surface, at least, the campaign is being led by the Obama administration’s treasury secretary, the unaccountable and unelected European Union super-state, the G20, the United Nations, and the globalist cartel of tax-devouring governments known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The OECD and other transnational outfits led by globalists and socialists hope to run the regime. But it will require the cooperation of all governments. And virtually all of them seem more than happy to shred citizen privacy to help out. A coalition of European finance ministers, for example, citing the Panama Papers leak, announced a series of new decrees that they said would deal a “hammer blow” against “tax evasion” — despite not having prosecuted a single person so far for tax evasion as a result of the latest leak, and despite the fact the EU pretends to believe in the right to privacy.

In a letter to the globalist Group of 20 (G20) governments and oftentimes savage dictatorships, including the Kremlin and the Communist Chinese regime, the EU bigwigs touted their new lawless edicts. “In our view, this new initiative will take a significant step forward in improving the transparency of beneficial ownership information and in removing the veil of secrecy under which criminals operate,” they declared, as if violating everyone’s right to privacy to catch a handful of criminals, most of them “serving” in government, was totally normal. Criminals also exploit the privacy and “secrecy” of their bedrooms, so using that logic, security cameras in all homes cannot be far behind — for the common good, of course, and only because “criminals” might hide behind the privacy of their own homes.

By “transparency of beneficial ownership information,” the lawless bureaucrats and politicians are referring to making public data on who owns corporations, trusts, and other legal entities. While most jurisdictions do require that information, plenty do not, including some states in the United States. But contrary to the shrieking and gnashing of teeth by dishonest politicians and the fake “non-governmental organizations” and international bureaucracies they fund with your tax money, there are countless legitimate, legal, and important reasons why privacy rights are important — something America’s Founders made clear when they signed the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing the God-given right to privacy in one’s home, papers, and effects without a properly obtained warrant.

The globalist voices involved in the plot to kill privacy rights also continued with their campaign of dishonesty. Among other dangerous deceptions, they continue to equate criminal tax evasion with legal and desirable tax avoidance. The former is a crime; the latter is common sense, is used by virtually everyone, and benefits everyone by keeping money away from politicians that they are not legally entitled to confiscate. “The recent extensive leaks from Panama show the critical importance of the fight against tax evasion, aggressive tax planning [tax avoidance] and money laundering,” the Euro ministers claimed, as if there was something wrong with companies or individuals planning their affairs to avoid surrendering more in taxes than the law requires. “Criminals continue to find ways to exploit the cracks in the current system,” the Euro bosses fumed in their letter to the G20, which itself just agreed to a new plan to terrorize any government that does not join its dangerous jihad on privacy, tax competition, and common sense. “As with tax evasion, this requires a global response.”

The Obama administration, acting like some sort of imperial regime that acknowledges no constraints on its power, has also been exploiting the largely manufactured outrage to write laws deceitfully described as “rules.” Among other efforts, Obama, who blasted the fact that privacy was still legal in some places, made up several new decrees and edicts to subvert privacy, markets, and liberty without constitutional or even congressional permission. After having recently promulgated an illegal edict to kill a massive deal that would have seen a U.S. pharmaceutical company move its headquarters to lower-tax Ireland, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is now promulgating new decrees to further shred privacy rights. Lew has also used the same dishonest tactic of equating criminal tax evasion with desirable efforts to minimize tax burdens legally.

“Tax evasion and tax avoidance hurt government budgets, reduce the equity of our tax systems and hinder global growth,” Lew claimed last week at the IMF, falsely, as if not allowing governments to confiscate more wealth than required by law and leaving that money in the productive sector was harmful rather than beneficial to economic growth. “To combat the misuse of companies, we are finalizing a rulemaking [sic] that would require financial institutions to identify the beneficial owners of new customers that are companies. In addition, we are about to propose a regulation that would require the beneficial owners of single-member limited liability companies to identify themselves to the Internal Revenue Service, thus closing a loophole that some have been able to exploit.” Congress might as well just go home.

Lew also bragged about the Obama administration’s key role in kicking off the globalist assault on privacy and national sovereignty in tax issues. But critics have referred to as the worst tax policy ever — basically turning every bank on Earth into an enforcement agent for the IRS, and turning the lives of millions of innocent middle-class Americans upside down in the process. “The United States led the world in automatic exchange with the enactment of FATCA in 2010,” Lew celebrated in front of his globalist IMF cronies. “We also are committed to implementing the OECD/G-20 BEPS project [to create a global tax regime and extract more wealth from humanity], including the requirement that large multinationals report to tax authorities certain financial and tax information on a country by country basis.” The New American has provided extensive reporting on both FATCA and the BEPS scheme here and here.

Most of the increasingly discredited establishment media — just six percent of Americans trust the press now, according to a recent AP survey — either ignored the new developments in the globalist jihad on privacy, or actually celebrated the assault on your rights. That may be because they do not understand it. However, the fact that the far-left globalist “journalism” outfit behind the Panama Papers leak was funded by both Rothschild protégé George Soros and the Rockefeller dynasty suggests something more sinister may be at work. More credible sources, though, highlighted the serious implications of what is happening. Analysts at the market-oriented Daily Bell, for example, hit a home run with their report headlined “Without Fanfare, Financial Privacy Was Wiped Out Last Week in DC.”

“The speed and gravity of the announcements certainly gives rise to the suspicion that they were pre-planned. In fact, we are supposed to believe the opposite,” they wrote. “We are supposed to believe that the entire spectrum of international political and financial executives were so incensed with what the Panama Papers revealed that they were able to act in concert within a couple of weeks of the initial hacks. This is in stark contrast to most international gambits that take months and even years to orchestrate. And, yes, it is really unbelievable…. More and more it becomes difficult to deny that a sub stratum of organized globalism exists that is orchestrating a global regime of rules and regulations. These will affect seven billion people around the world while exempting a relative handful of families and individuals doing the orchestrating.”

“The mainstream media is habitually blasé about what’s taking place and the way the global regime is growing  quickly and powerfully,” the Daily Bell analysis continued. “It is the biggest story in the world and yet only the alternative ‘Net media gives it the singular urgency it deserves. And even then there are plenty of evolutions that are not fully noted. This would seem to be one of them. The ramifications of what just happened in DC are enormous. Financial and investment privacy — a hallowed right for centuries if not millennia — has just been outlawed. You, of course, are reading this article, and perhaps you do understand the heinous ramifications of what just occurred.” In their conclusion, the Bell’s analysts urged readers to consider ways to preserve and protect privacy, including physical delivery of gold and silver from anonymous sources.

As The New American reported last week, if there is a real scandal in the “Panama Papers,” it is not what remains of privacy rights, but rather the massive number of politicians, judges, bureaucrats, dictators, communists, and other assorted government criminals involved in stealing money from humanity. The Communist Chinese dictatorship, a powerful member of the same G20 organizing the global jihad on privacy, appears to be the most heavily implicated, but is by no means alone. The idea that surrendering crucial human rights and giving more power to those same criminals and the institutions they run will somehow benefit humanity is so far removed from reality and credulity that anyone proposing it should be laughed out of office immediately.


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at

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