YouTube star and mad scientist Colin Furze is at it again.  This time he’s taking on gravity in an attempt to build a flying bicycle.  With what seems to be a pair of lawnmower engines, a steel frame and some dangerously un-shielded propellers, Furze manages to not just get his hoverbike off the ground, but also control it… somewhat.

Furze, famous on YouTube and social media for his homemade Wolverine claws, high-speed baby stroller and recent thermite launcher, answered the call from his fans and took on his first-ever airborne contraption.

His hoverbike, a seatless, brake-less contraption with no directional controls, is powered by two motorized propellers in place of wheels. With what seems to be about a one-gallon gas tank, don’t expect this to be a daily commuting vehicle.

Plus, it looks like it has the ability to decapitate anyone who is unfortunate enough to get in the way of the open propellers / lawnmower blades.  Not exactly a “family friendly” ride – but how much fun would it be to try it out.

Colin Furze is the proprietor of the popular #Unlearn YouTube series.  A plumber by trade with no official engineering training, Furze is out to show what a regular-guy can accomplish if left alone in his workshop for a few hours.