Trump finally defeats everyone in GOP race

Breaking: Kasich to Exit Race, Trump Now Unofficial GOP Nominee

John Kasich is exiting the GOP race, according to multiple sources.

Trump’s last remaining competitor was scheduled to speak in Sterling, Virginia, but after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, Kasich decided to hold a press conference in Columbus, Ohio, fueling speculation he was also leaving the race.

Since then his senior campaign adviser said his campaign was over.

It was unlikely Kasich could do anything to block Trump’s nomination because the GOP frontrunner only needs 190 out of the 520 delegates left remaining to reach 1,237, and Trump would gain the vast majority of those in California where he holds a tremendous lead in the polls before the state’s June 7 primary.

The left-leaning Kasich, who only won his home state of Ohio, was mathematically eliminated from the race months ago and only remained in the race to keep Trump from winning the nomination without a contested convention.

“The stakes are high and it’s critical that we all pitch in to help John continue securing delegates and deny Trump the nomination,” Kasich’s wife, Karen, said in a campaign e-mail sent out in April.

Kasich was also accepting large sums of money from far-left activist George Soros to try and stop Trump.

“Perhaps Soros believes the pressure put on Reagan to take Bush [as Vice President] could be used on Trump to take Kasich, therefore he was keeping Kasich in the race,” Roger Stone said. “This is much to the consternation of the other globalists; this is making it harder for their hand-chosen boys, but as I’ve said many times, in the Bilderbergers, in the Council on Foreign Relations, in the Trilateral Commission, among the elites they have their own internal power struggles.”