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It wasn’t that long ago when lab derived GMO foods were a novelty. It only took a few a decades before these foods became so commonplace, that pretty much anything in a package at your grocery store, has at least one ingredient that is genetically modified. Despite the ick factor that should be associated with eating something that was cooked up by a scientist, the majority of the population now takes these foods for granted. It makes you wonder, what else will become “normal” in the near future?

How about ground beef that’s grown in lab?

Motivated by environmental concerns and a growing global demand for meat, several companies have been busy trying to figure out how to grow meat in a sterile laboratory. That is, meat that hasn’t been harvested from a living breathing animal. These companies have been making progress at an alarming rate.

In fact, they’ve already figured out to grow meat in this fashion. The only thing keeping it from being sold to the public is the cost of creating meat this way, but that won’t be a problem for very long. In 2013 a team of Dutch scientists created a burger that cost $330,000 to grow in a lab, and a few months ago an American company grew meat that only cost $18,000 per pound.

The researchers from both nations believe that at this rate, lab grown meat may be showing up in grocery stores over the next few years. Another company known as Modern Meadow is very close to introducing steak chips to the public, which they describe as a mix between beef jerky and a potato chip.

Brace yourselves. This strange wold is about to get a hell of a lot stranger.