Popular tech platforms could be used to derail Trump’s presidential campaign

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(INTELLIHUB) — For years many in the alternative media have believed that tech giants such as Google and Facebook are either actively suppressing their content or at the very least have programmed their algorithms to be extremely bias against any source considered outside the mainstream establishment.

Now, a report in Gizmodo that quotes five former Facebook contractors has confirmed that there is indeed bias against conservative news outlets at the social media behemoth and this bias may not just be connected to opposition to conservative principles,especially when you consider Silicon Valley’s known hate for Donald Trump and his plan to put America first.

Anyone who has used Facebook has most likely seen the trending news section on the right hand side of the homepage, a section that ostensibly links to the most popular and curated news headlines from across the world.

Publishers, for the most part, obviously hope their content reaches this highly trafficked area (although no real alternative news outlet has ever been featured to my knowledge) but information from the former contractors indicates that certain news outlets are suppressed from appearing despite how popular their content may be.

The Gizmoda report included a variety of interesting nuggets of information in regards to how Facebook really views journalists and news gathering in general and included this astonishing reveal.

The news curation team writes headlines for each of the topics, along with a three-sentence summary of the news story it’s pegged to, and choose an image or Facebook video to attach to the topic. The news curator also chooses the “most substantive post” to summarize the topic, usually from a news website.

The former contractors Gizmodo interviewed said they were asked to write neutral headlines, and encouraged to promote a video only if it had been uploaded to Facebook. They were also told to select articles from a list of preferred media outlets that included sites like the New York Times, Time, Variety, and other traditional outlets. They would regularly avoid sites like World Star Hip Hop, The Blaze, and Breitbart, but were never explicitly told to suppress those outlets. They were also discouraged from mentioning Twitter by name in headlines and summaries, and instead asked to refer to social media in a broader context.

Consider this. If Facebook is sneakily trying to hold back driving traffic to websites such as the Blaze and Breitbart imagine the underhanded tricks that could be happening to truly alternative news outlets such as Intellihub and Infowars?! But it’s not just Facebook, Silicon Valley is part of the Democratic Establishment.

Sadly, this issue doesn’t stop (or really even begin) with Facebook as it extends largely throughout Silicon Valley, especially in the area of Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his direct and very public opposition to free trade and illegal immigration, both issues that Silicon Valley cares deeply about.

The simple fact is Silicon Valley has outsourced millions of manufacturing jobs overseas for decades and now, with the rise of Trump, are largely moving closer and in some cases becoming a part of the neoliberal Democratic establishment.

Breitbarts Chriss Street noted, “In this election cycle, the Silicon Valley tech elite are almost exclusively backing the Democrat establishment. Tesla’s Elon Musk donated directly to Hillary Clinton, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wrote big checks to San Francisco’s Democratic Party organization, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates heavily funded three Democratic congressmen.”

“Breitbart News reported in January that Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s funded start-up “The Groundwork” was designed to lead Silicon Valley’s effort to put Hillary Clinton into the White House.”

With over 70% of tech CEO’s supporting global free trade, its no wonder they are against Trump and now, with the general election looming one has to wonder if they will use their powerful platforms to influence the 2016 Presidential election.

To recap, we now know that Facebook reportedly holds back conservative news sources from trending and at the same time we know that most of Silicon Valley is against the campaign of Donald Trump. At this point it seems to be a reasonable concern that these two combined facts could reveal a prelude to some major shenanigans on the part of the popular tech giants throughout the general election.