Man Beaten After Accused of Being 'Trump supporter'

A Washington man was severely beaten over the weekend by two thugs who randomly accused him of being a Donald Trump supporter.

Ferndale resident Justin O’Flaherty, 22, didn’t attend the hotel mogul’s rally in nearby Lynden Saturday night; he did however attend his local bar where he had drinks with a friend before heading to a food trailer.

O’Flaherty told police at that point he was approached by two men, “a black man with long curly black hair, and a bald skinny white man with over-the-ear headphones and tattoos on his neck,” according to the Bellingham Herald.

One of the pair, who were possibly high on meth, grabbed O’Flaherty’s baseball cap, a Seattle Mariner’s hat, and proceeded to claim he was a Donald Trump supporter.

“I bet you’re one of those (gay slur) (expletive) Trump supporters,” one of the men reportedly yelled before a punch lands in O’Flaherty’s face, breaking his jaw.

“An X-ray shows his jawbone split from a corner of his chin to his bottom front teeth,” The Herald reports.

“They hadn’t seen one that bad in a while,” O’Flaherty recollected to the Herald.

Police claim O’Flaherty at the scene told them the fight started over the Seahawks.

A nearby surveillance camera caught the moment the argument began, leading to shoving and ultimately a white man hitting O’Flaherty in the face.

Despite the media narrative that Trump supporters have been inciting violence, Infowars has documented numerous examples often ignored by the mainstream press of violence instigated by the opposite side.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the violence you may encounter at a West Coast Donald Trump rally: