Source: The New American

It is time for the United States of America to ditch the whole “states” thing, and for the federal government to re-organize the nation politically into massive regions with powerful regional governments fully subservient to national and even international authorities. The goal of the dystopian “economic master plan” is for America to become more like Communist China on the road toward a North American Union.

That might sound ridiculous — perhaps like the ravings of a mad man — to the average American. After all, the United States is, by its nature, a union of 50 states that have delegated a few limited and defined powers to their agent, the federal government, in pursuit of, among other objectives, securing “the Blessings of Liberty.” If globalists get their way, though, that “antiquated” notion would be tossed on to the ash heap of history.

Writing in the New York Times last month, a mid-level globalist operative with the war-mongering, global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations argued that there needs to be a “new map for America.” “Advanced economies in Western Europe and Asia are reorienting themselves around robust urban clusters of advanced industry,” wrote Parag Khanna, a CFR globalist and self-styled “leading global strategist,” whatever that means. “Unfortunately, American policy making remains wedded to an antiquated political structure of 50 distinct states.”


Instead of the 50 states, Khanna argues that America’s new map should be based on regions, each with its own regional government. “We don’t have to create these regions; they already exist, on two levels,” the CFR operative explained. “First, there are now seven distinct super-regions, defined by common economics and demographics, like the Pacific Coast and the Great Lakes. Within these, in addition to America’s main metro hubs, we find new urban archipelagos.” Federal policy should be used to bring it all about, he said.

Of course, Khanna, who was born in India but lived in Arabia and Europe, is hardly the first to push such a radical reorganization of America. In 1975, The Daily World, a Communist Party propaganda organ, published a piece by Morris Zeitlin headlined “Planning is Socialism’s Trademark.” “In socialist countries, metropolitan regions enjoy metropolitan regional government and comprehensive planning,” the communist operative argued. “The economic and functional efficiencies and the social benefits that comprehensive national, regional and city planning make possible in socialist society explain the Soviet Union’s enormous and rapid economic social progress.” The Soviet Union ostensibly imploded less than two decades after that drivel was published, but only after murdering tens or even hundreds of millions of people in Russia and around the world.

But Khanna does not point to the USSR to illustrate the glories of regional super-government planning. Instead, he points to Communist China, ruled by a barbaric regime that has murdered more people than any other in history and was brought to power thanks in large part to the efforts of CFR globalists. “Despite millenniums of cultivated cultural and linguistic provinces, China is transcending its traditional internal boundaries to become an empire of 26 megacity clusters with populations of up to 100 million each,” Khanna said, as if Communist China’s brutal totalitarian rulers and their tyrannical ways were something to be emulated. “Over time these clusters, whose borders fluctuate based on population and economic growth, will be the cores around which the central government allocates subsidies, designs supply chains and builds connections to the rest of the world.” As The New American reported in 2013, the regime in Beijing is plotting to herd hundreds of millions of subjects from the countryside into the mega-cities touted by Khanna, at gunpoint if necessary.

Western countries, Khanna claims, “are following suit.” He points to Italy and Britain, populations now subjected against their will to being ruled by the unaccountable regional regime in Brussels, as examples. Indeed, sounding enamored with central planning, the CFR globalist boasts that U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is “driving investment toward a new corridor stretching from Leeds to Liverpool known as the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.” Why politicians should be “driving investment” in the first place was not explained.

The same model of planned economic development based on regions should be pursued in America, Khanna argues. “What would this approach look like in America? It would start by focusing not on state lines but on existing lines of infrastructure, supply chains and telecommunications,” he said, adding that the routes stay remarkably similar to the borders of his “emergent super-regions.” For good measure, he goes on to take a swipe at local government, too, saying that “too often, decisions about infrastructure investment are made at the state (or even county) level.” In other words, if only Washington, D.C., was allowed to make all decisions about everything, America would be a better place, the wisdom of America’s Founders not withstanding.

But it will not be enough just to abolish and make irrelevant America’s state borders. National borders need to go, too. “Where possible, such planning should even jump over international borders,” Khanna  argues, citing the “Detroit-Windsor region” as a good target for the effort. “Both sides are deeply interdependent because of their automobile and steel industries and would benefit from scaling together rather than bickering over who pays for a new bridge between them. Detroit’s destiny seems almost obvious if we are brave enough to build it: a midpoint of the Chicago-Toronto corridor in an emerging North American Union.” (Emphasis added)

And here you thought the North American Union was a “conspiracy theory!” But who can blame you? The New York Times itself, which published Khanna’s pro-NAU diatribe, has long demonized those who exposed the agenda, including this magazine. “If you haven’t heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret,” wrote the Times‘ Drake Bennet in 2007, even while the CFR and the U.S. government were concocting plans for a European Union-style regime to rule over North America. “Or, more likely, because there is no such thing. Government officials say a continental union is out of the question.” Bennet must not have good sources, or he was simply lying to readers, because years before he wrote his factually challenged diatribe calling the NAU the “quintessential conspiracy theory for our time,” the U.S. embassy in Canada was working on precisely such a plot, as revealed in leaked cables. Oops! Neither the Times nor Bennett has retracted the piece or apologized for the embarrasing errors. Before he died, though, the architect of the plot, the CFR’s Robert Pastor, blamed The John Birch Society, an affiliate of this magazine, for helping to stop his scheme to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico. It is hardly dead, however.

To get the radical globalist vision off the ground requires thinking “beyond states,” Khanna continued. The out-of-control federal government, which already tramples all over the states and the U.S. Constitution that authorized its existence in the first place, “needs to go much further, even at the risk of upsetting established federal-state political balances,” he said. Among other schemes, the New York Times piece called for a “national infrastructure bank” that, as part of its charter, would have an “obligation” to ignore state lines in deciding what projects to support.

In a misleading anecdote, Khanna points to the federally funded lobbying group calling itself the “National Governors Association” to claim that, “ironically,” even “states” are “warming up” to the radical idea of abolishing themselves. And in case that was not enough, he also threatens America with the loss of its global power if it refuses to accept his dangerous prescription to become more like a communist dictatorship — and to give up the Republic, bequeathed to the American people by the nation’s Founders, that has long protected the God-given rights of Americans. “More than America’s military grand strategy, such an economic master plan would determine if America remained the world’s leading superpower,” he claimed.

All of that is, of course, nonsense. But it is not surprising to see the arguments, brought to you by a lackey of the same globalist establishment that got America involved in countless no-win wars, shredded its manufacturing base, built up the United Nations, aided international communism for decades, helped usurp more powers for the federal government, and has done everything in its power to crush American sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. That globalist cabal is the Council on Foreign Relations, where Khanna serves as a “term member,” along with a who’s who of globalist hacks that have dominated the administrations of presidents from both parties for generations. Khanna is also a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, and serves on the globalist World Economic Forum’s “Global Agenda Council.” His work is funded by, among other sources, the UN Foundation and the globalist Ford Foundation.

Khanna is also a “global contributor” to CNN, which, like the Times, first ridiculed those opposed to the NAU before openly promoting the agenda. In his capacity as CNN contributor, though, Khanna has been making similarly ridiculous globalist arguments. In December, for example, he called for a “global passport” run by Interpol, the self-styled planetary law-enforcement agency that was once controlled by the National Socialists (Nazis). “The bottom line is that anyone can be ISIS,” Khanna claimed, absurdly. “Terrorism is more than ever a borderless problem requiring cross-border solutions. The time has come for a ‘global passport,’ a parallel digital certification of a person’s identity, background, criminal record, travel history, and other details. The digital record would be regularly updated based on databases from airlines, customs agencies, banks and other sources, and could be managed by an independent international authority such as Interpol.”

As Americans increasingly rise up against the pseudo-intellectual globalist establishment that has all but murdered the United States as a free and independent nation, the rush to subvert state and national sovereignty in America will accelerate. Preposterous ideas such as abolishing the states or creating a North American Union, once dismissed by those same lying globalists as “conspiracy theories” even as they worked on the plots, will increasingly be advanced openly in the establishment’s leading propaganda organs, such as CNN and the New York Times. Now is the time for Americans to wake up, expose the globalists, and restore the U.S. Constitution.