While US politicians debate which bathrooms transgender people are allowed to use, Canada is prepared to offer “full protection” for the LGBT community.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his Liberal government would table legislation that would include transgender protections on the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, or gender. While the motion is expected to meet opposition from Conservative MP’s, the initiative suggests Canada is taking a far more progressive approach than its southern neighbor.

“I am proud to announce that tomorrow, on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, we will be tabling a bill in the House of Commons to ensure the full protection of transgender people,” Trudeau said.

According to the prime minister, Canada must ensure it is fighting on the right side of history by expanding civil liberties for a community facing discrimination.

“We must continue to demand true equality,” he continued. “We must carry on the legacy of those who fought for justice by being bold and ambitious in our actions. And we must work diligently to close the gap between our principles and our reality.”

CBC NEWS Notes Long-Time Political Fight
The inclusion of gender identity in the Canadian Human Rights Act has been at least 12 years in the making. In fact, proposals to do so have already twice passed the House of Commons, mostly recently in 2013.

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Legislation to extend human-rights protections to transgender Canadians will be tabled in the Commons on Tuesday…Previous attempts at passing a transgender rights bill at the federal level have been unsuccessful.

BLOOMBERG Suggests Canada Approaches Issue More Rationally Than US
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will offer transgender people greater legal protections, at a time when his American counterparts spar over policies around whether students can use public bathrooms based on their identified sex.

Full Protection Under The Law

Neither Trudeau nor any of his Liberal allies in parliament have disclosed details on the forthcoming legislation, although similar measures have been attempted in the past with no success.

Bloomberg reports Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is scheduled to deliver a briefing on the transgender rights bill in Ottawa, which will include hate speech provisions.

In 2013, elected lawmakers passed a measure that was stalled in the Senate – a chamber which rarely stops bills. But with Liberals now in control of Canada’s government, the chances of a transgender rights bill succeeding are greatly increased.

Canada appears to be leading the way for true equality in North America. It’s true the US debate on transgender rights has revolved around North Carolina’s controversial measure mandating individuals may only choose the public restroom of their birth sex, which the majority of Americans oppose. But considering businesses have punished the state in droves by taking their money elsewhere, perhaps it is time US lawmakers consider similar legislation.