This fuzzy object pictured close to the International Space Station could be an orbital superweapon


Source: Mirror

Experts believe this grainy footage of a fuzzy object taken from the International Space Station may well be PROOF of a secret orbital weapon.

Even though the development of such an arsenal would require rival powers Russia and America to work together, experts like Awakened2Truth believe it could be a “kinetic non-nuclear atmosphere based weapon”.

Meanwhile, another commenter on Pete WDHCo ‘s video says the ‘missile’ appears to have been ejected from the ISS and is heading towards Earth.

This theory cheerfully sidesteps the likelihood that any shadowy agencies behind a doomsday device on the ISS would probably make sure it isn’t filmed USING THE STATION’S OWN CAMERA.

The lunar landscape is dotted with massive structures that prove the Moon is occupied, UFO seekers claimed this week.

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