Japan’s military has been placed on alert over the possible threat of the North Korean ballistic missile fire.

According to Japan’s state broadcaster NHK, the country’s naval destroyers and Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries received orders on Monday to be prepared for targeting and destroying inbound projectiles.

Patriot missile batteries stationed on the grounds of the country’s defense ministry were also set to firing position.

The orders have been confirmed by a Japanese official who talked to Reuters on condition of anonymity, although the country’s defense ministry has declined commenting on the issue.

As part of its missile deterrent, Tokyo has stationed advanced Aegis vessels in the Sea of Japan which are capable of simultaneously tracking multiple inbound targets and is also armed with SM-3 missiles systems which can annihilate warheads in space before they enter the atmosphere.

As a final line of defense, Patriot PAC-3 missile systems have also been deployed around the capital and other strategic locations.