Report says teacher became pregnant with student’s baby

HOUSTON What a 24-year-old Aldine ISD teacher is accused of doing with one of her students is disturbing at best. Prosecutors say Alexandria Vera not only engaged in a sexual relationship with one of her 13-year-old students. The teacher, who has one child, also got pregnant by the eighth-grader. Parents we spoke to were in disbelief.

“Horrible for any father or any family member going through this situation,” says Gerson Bonilla, a father.

An Aldine Independent School District peace officer was assigned to conduct a follow-up investigation about an improper relationship between Vera and a student at Stovall Middle School, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Vera, an English teacher, allegedly admitted to having a sexual relationship since September with the student. A report said the student was in the teacher’s eighth-grade English class. The DA’s Office said the officer received school records showing the student to be under the age of 14 at the time Vera began the sexual relationship.

Vera told the officer that she first met the student during a summer school session. The DA’s Office said the student, who was in her English class, tried to communicate with the teacher on Instagram. She later sent a message to the student after not being in class, which led to the student asking for her phone number.

Vera said the student asked if the two of them could hang out and she said ‘yes,’ according to court documents. She told the officer she drove to the student’s house to pick the student up, in which they drove around and she said that they kissed in the car.

The next day, Vera said she drove over to the student’s house again because the student’s parents were not home. According to the report, Vera said this was the first time she and the student had sex. Officials believe this was in September.

But in court documents Vera says the student’s parents not only knew about the relationship, they approved of it and allowed the teen to spend the night at Vera’s home here in Spring where they would engage in sex on a regular basis. She told an investigator she would drop him off at home in the morning so he could catch the bus to school at Stovall Middle School.

Vera told the officer that in October the school had an open house and this was when she met the student’s parents. After the open house, Vera went over to the student’s home and was introduced as the student’s girlfriend to the student’s parents. According to the report, Vera said the parents were accepting of their relationship and she was invited to family gatherings.

“When you send your kid to the school you think everything will be safe for them and everything,” says Bonilla. “But I think this is something that is serious that needs to be investigated.”

Vera said the relationship with the student grew and they continued to have sex and spend time together. According to court reports, Vera said in January she got pregnant with the student’s baby. She told the officer that the student’s family was told of the pregnancy and that they were very supportive and excited about the baby.

Court documents said Vera ended up having an abortion after she got nervous when Child Protective Services unexpectedly showed up at school in February to question her and the student about their relationship. The DA’s Office said Vera denied the relationship at that time.

Vera’s phone was forensically analyzed by the officer. According to the report, many messages between the teacher and student were consistent with what she had said.

She now faces a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child but police have not been able to find her to serve an arrest warrant.