Last week, 2,000 miles away from California, a man with a grudge hatched a plan to commit murder.

Before the victims bodies were even cold, anti-gun lawmakers in California seized the opportunity to push their radical agenda.

“The same day as a fatal shooting at UCLA, the state Assembly on Wednesday approved a package of gun control bills including an expansion of the state’s gun restraining order law allowing courts to take firearms away from people judged to be a danger to themselves or others,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

California State Sen. Rocky Chavez (R – Oceanside) was critical that the bill was “clearly an overreach” and allows the government to take away guns without sufficient due process.

What he failed to mention is that the killer, Mainak Sarkar, was from Minnesota.

And in Minnesota, “The guns were legally purchased and at least one was registered to him,” according to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Sarkar killed his estranged wife in Minnesota. Then, he traveled from his home in Minnesota to the California university, where he killed his former mentor, engineering professor William Klug and then turned the gun on himself.

Sarkar was able to get the pistols past the “Gun Free Zone” signs by simply walking past them, knowing everyone else on campus was unarmed.

Sarkar had disparaged Klug online and the professor knew of his contempt, but police have not uncovered any death threats.

The writings contained “some harsh language, but certainly nothing that would be considered homicidal,” but nothing that would’ve prevented Sarkar from getting the pistols in California — even with the new gun laws being pushed.

No amount of California gun regulation would have stopped this man from getting a gun 2,000 miles away.

No amount of Minnesota gun regulation would have stopped him from legally purchasing his guns and registering them there, according to his constitutionally guaranteed rights.

And the current California gun laws have nothing to do with the incident — except to exploit it for political gain.

It’s terrible that a disturbed man murdered his estranged wife and former mentor.

It’s unthinkable how willing these rabid anti-gun leftists are to exploit tragedy to advance their radical agendas.