Reports of possessed people are coming out with more and more frequency. Some are just promos for various mock reality TV shows or just straight up hoaxes.

This one, however, doesn’t appear to be so.

This woman was recorded riding a public bus in the city of San Luis, central Argentina.

Her head spins and jerks around while she twitches in her seat and talks in a creepy, deep, raspy voice that doesn’t sound like it would come out of her, akin to Reagan from the movie The Exorcist.

She does not appear to be cognizant of where she is or what she’s doing.

Passengers approach her at the end of the video and one appears to put his hand on her forehead and says a prayer. She was later picked up by police.

According to the Mirror:

Witnesses at the scene later reported that the commuter – who was also seen vomiting on the bus – looked as if she was possessed by an evil spirit.

They said the bus driver was forced to stop the vehicle after frightened passengers pleaded to get off.

The woman remained alone until police officers arrived and took her to the station. It is not known what will happen to her now.