Team Hillary’s final e-mail defense: mass amnesia

Source: New York Post

It was another week of news poking fresh holes in Hillary Clinton’s tattered e-mail defense. At this point, the only cover she has left are all the ongoing stonewalls.

One landmark event came Wednesday, when presidential spokesman Josh Earnest for the first time referred to the FBI’s probe of the e-mails as a “criminal investigation.”

Then came a Wall Street Journal scoop: One thing making it criminal is that top State Department aides sent her e-mails on “born classified” discussions of drone strikes in Pakistan.

The record already shows that Secretary Clinton’s inner circle knew full well that her private account was run off a home-brewed server — their e-discussions are full of notices that she’s “off e-mail” while the server gets restarted, and even that it’s been taken down because of possible hacker attacks.

Yet they all colluded in her continued use of it — and in e-mailing her info that everyone at that level of government knows is supposed to be kept to secure networks.

Meanwhile, ongoing depositions show Team Hillary continuing its “amnesia” stonewall. None of her ex-aides can recall a thing about the private server. For example, Clinton’s former executive secretary, Stephen Mull, was asked: “Do you know how you learned” about the server? “I can’t recall,” he replied.

Funny: In a 2011 exchange, Mull made specific reference to “her personal e-mail server,” then on the fritz, and offered to get Clinton two Blackberrys, one of them to serve a “State Department e-mail account.”

She rejected that idea, as she did every effort to help her get serious about basic e-mail security.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at State and now her private attorney, also has memory issues. She said “I can’t recall” 40 times at her deposition — and “I don’t know” 182 times.

Mills, Clinton, Huma Abedin and other top Hillaryites all refused to cooperate with the State inspector general’s probe. Clinton claims there was no point, since she’s already answered every possible question. Right.

But the coverup goes beyond Team Hillary. Marie Harf, State’s top spokeswoman under John Kerry, started lying the day the scandal broke: “There’s no prohibition on using this kind of e-mail account,” she said.

That backs Clinton’s repeated claims that “It was allowed.” Yeah — by her. As the IG report notes, Hillary never sought an OK for her e-mail setup from State’s legal professionals — who never would’ve given one.

“Harf is implying that State approved this practice,” John Bellinger wrote his successors at State’s legal department. He urged them “to defend the credibility” of the legal staff and not let Harf give them “a bad name.” State ignored him.

The department’s still running interference. In yet another case, Republicans have sued to get e-mails from four Clinton aides; State claims it’ll take 75 years to provide the documents.

Will anyone hold Clinton to account? We strongly doubt the Obama Justice Department will indict the woman the president just endorsed to be his successor. Any “law enforcement” action is up to the voters.