Source: NEO

There’s little doubt that hooligans are not making a sport event any more interesting, in fact they shame all the fans of the national team they choose to fight for.

It is sad to note that the start of the 2016 UEFA European Championship has been marked with major clashes among soccer hooligans that has left a bitter taste in the mouth of all those who have been waiting for this sporting event.

Even before the start of EURO 2016 English soccer fans were demonstrating their imperial aspirations, starting a true riot in the French town of Marseille. According to media reports, British hooligans have not been simply fighting local Ultras, they were loudly mocking representatives of the local Muslim community, which resulted in a massive fist fight.

The aggressive actions of British hooligans before EURO 2016 were described in much detail by both The Guardian and The Independent. It’s been reported that they were chanting “ISIS, where are you?”, singing insulting songs, and destroying private property of local residents. They’ve even assaulted a bus that was painted in the colors of the Russian flag.

On Friday, clashes broke out between Russian and English soccer fans. French riot police was immediately deployed in large numbers in Marseille, trying to pacify the fans with tear gas and water cannons I.

At the end of the match between Russia and Britain, a total of 30 Russian fans manage to break through a cordon of stewards, entered the sector with English fans and started a fight there. At the same time British journalists reported that the riots provoked the British fans who insulted the Russians and even desecrated Russian flag.

In Nice, Polish and Northern Ireland have also started clashes and it’s been reported that a number of people was seriously injured.