Clinton Thinks She’s Winning But She’s Wrong

Source: FedUp PAC

Hillary Clinton is enjoying polls that show her with a lead of as much as ten points over Donald Trump. Liberal pundits are writing and talking endlessly about which Republican states may vote Democratic in November. Clinton’s campaign is rolling in money while donors approached by Trump are keeping their check books closed.

The election must be essentially decided — but is it?

Michelle Goldberg, writing for the liberal Slate, is trying to warn Clinton and her supporters that Trump’s anti-Clinton message could be successful. She described Wednesday’s Trump speech as “the most unnervingly effective one he has ever given.” Goldberg fears that the “crooked Hillary” label will stick, and that Trump has plenty of ammunition to back up what he is saying. She also admits that Trump has some appeal for Sanders voters.

David Wasserman, one of the election analysts for the highly respected 538 blog, is convinced that Trump has a chance to win Pennsylvania. Given that Pennsylvania last voted Republican when Ronald Reagan was president, that says a lot about Trump’s strength with working class voters who were suspicious of establishment Republican Mitt Romney four years ago. Wasserman notes that more than 75,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have changed their voter registration to Republican this year.

If Clinton could lose Pennsylvania, she could certainly also lose Ohio and Florida (both states where polls show a close, competitive race) as well as Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and other states where Romney fell a little bit short.

Trump’s support has room to grow. Many conservatives are still concerned that he has not taken firm positions on the issues, has made statements indicating he holds Obama-style views on broad presidential power, and does not show a good grasp of the key facts needed for presidential decision making.

If those conservatives can be persuaded to swing their backing to Trump, Pennsylvania and many other states could slip away from Clinton.