The European Union, and opposition to Brexit (or to any other exit from it), reflect the opposite of progressive values, but instead are an important part of the strategy owners of international corporations have for taking over governments in order to increase their own profits (and power). (Click here for an accurate brief history of the US CIA’s involvement in setting up the EU. And this 2004 video documentary supplements that, with a focus specifically upon the popular movement in Britain to exit from the EU.)

The «Establishment», or the aristocracy, favors the type of globalization (the EU, mega-‘trade’ deals such as the TTIP, etc.) that has been occurring after World War II. Aristocrats control the international corporations and want them (want themselves) to rule the world – not democracy to rule the world, not the publics, in each country, to rule their countries.

In any country, the aristocracy is the people who own controlling interests in international corporations, and they therefore possess real power in international affairs – such as they will have in the ultimate decision as to whether or not UK will exit EU.

To clarify: The aristocracy isn’t necessarily descended from aristocrats, nor officially proclaimed (knighted, etc.) as ‘aristocrats’, but is instead the real holders of power, the people who make the decisions as to which politicians to fund, and as to which ‘news’ media the given aristocrat’s corporations will fund by means of his or her corporation’s advertising its products and services in that person’s favored media (irrespective of whether the person happens also to invest in or own those media, not only own companies that advertise in them).