A hacked private Gmail message sent by then-NATO supreme military commander General Philip Breedlove to former Secretary of State Coin Powell in 2014 shows that Breedlove sought, in contravention of President Obama’s policy, to implement a more aggressive military stance against Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

By bolting from the relatively «measured» policy of America’s Commander-in-Chief, Obama, with regard to Ukraine, Breedlove’s public Cold War mania was only exceeded by his private treasonous behavior. Breedlove’s email to Powell stated that the NATO military chief saw the events in Ukraine as an «opportunity». In his email to Powell, Breedlove believed the 2014 anti-democratic coup against President Viktor Yanukovych and the declaration of self-government by Crimea and the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk was an opportunity for the United States and NATO to engage militarily with Russia. Breedlove described some «stalwart» allies of the United States as wishing to ratchet up tensions with Russia. It is obvious that these «stalwart» allies not only included the right-wing coup government in Kiev, but NATO members itching for a NATO-led military confrontation with Russia. It is almost certain that these «stalwarts» included Poland and the Baltic states.

Breedlove used as an interlocutor with Powell the former Pentagon consultant Harlan Ullman, the man who came up with the «shock and awe» US doctrine used against Iraq. The «shock and awe» concept borrows heavily from the Nazi German «blitzkrieg» tactics, whereby a swift «lightning» strike is used against an enemy. And like the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe officers who punctuated their military offenses with visits to brothels in the countries they occupied, Breedlove’s friend Ullman carried on in this most ignominious of German traditions. Ullman «shocked and awed» Washington in 2007, when it was revealed that he availed himself of the services of Pamela Martin & Associates, a Washington, DC sex escort service.