Supercell or Supernatural – Unbelievable Storm Rages Above CERN

Source: righteous

Breakout your tin foil hat, its about to get weird. Last week an incredible cloud formation and subsequent thunderstorm was photographed directly over the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, prompting many conspiracy theorists to claim the facility opened a portal into another dimension.

au-dessus de Genève – 24 juin 16 – phénomène impressionnant qui est passé juste devant nous! Magnifique
it was only a big cumulonimbus with rain and thundercloud over Geneva and its lake !
Ma photo et celles de mes amis ont été utilisées par certains pseudo-journalistes SANS AUTORISATION pour soutenir une théorie que JE NE CAUTIONNE PAS !
My picture and those of my friends have been used by some pseudo- journalists WITHOUT PERMISSION to support a theory that WE DO NOT ENDORSE !

Are you conCERNed yet?” asks a tin foil hat fear-monger on Youtube. “If not, you should be” he warns. This is not the first time conspiracy theorists have claimed CERN opened a portal into another dimension. In 2015, CERN unveiled a new statue of Shiva ‘the destroyer’ outside their main facility, prompting many to conclude that CERN must have opened a portal to another dimension and directly contacted the deity. Adding fuel to the fire, just as the statue was unveiled, a deadly earthquake struck India.

For those of your tin foil hatters who refuse to accept this was nothing more than a thunderstorm, The Freedom Fighter Times has a video right up your ally.