Sea service has completed all tests for guided glide weapon.

POINT MUGU, Calif., (UPI) — The U.S. Navy has completed all operational tests for the Joint Standoff Weapon, or JSOW, C-1, making the latest variant of the guided glide weapon ready for fleet release and initial operational capability declaration, the company announced Tuesday.

The weapon demonstrated high precision and effectiveness against moving maritime targets and most recently engaged simulated combatant ships successfully.

JSOW C-1 features a Link-16 datalink and maritime moving target capability to provide fleet forces with a capability against high-value, stationary land targets, Raytheon said in a statement.

The Link-16 addition allows the launch platform or alternate controller to provide real-time target updates to the weapon and allows controllers to reassign the weapon to a different target mid-flight.

The capability now includes moving maritime targets at launch ranges of up to 70 nautical miles and can be fired from fourth and fifth-generation Joint Strike Fighters.

The JSOW C-1 is the Navy’s first net-enabled, air-launched weapon and can engage stationary and maneuvering targets on land or at sea.

Internal integration on the F-35 is already underway, Raytheon said.