Source: Strategic Culture

Let’s cut to the chase; as much as the Pentagon may have finally concluded that Russia holds undisputed conventional superiority in the European theater, the only possible rationale for NATO’s existence is unchanged; the US must keep the military occupation of Western and Central Europe till the end of days. And the justification for the «project» must be anti-Russian hysteria.

Thus the perennial, bogus, «threat» narrative. The myth of imminent «Russian aggression» against the poor Baltic nations. These recurrent NATO talk fests staged as former Soviet – or Maoist – «party conferences». The impression/illusion sold by the lame duck Obama administration that they are benevolently «concerned» about European security. And, of course, the Russian counterpoint; the suspicion that NATO is no less than engaged in fabricating serial declarations of war.

The whole show might be derided as a juvenile mind game. Still, it’s taken seriously. «NATO has begun preparations for escalating from a Cold War into a hot one»,sentenced Mikhail Gorbachev. There are indeed elements pointing to how serious the current geopolitical juncture is. The Obama administration won’t do anything – even as that hopeless nullity, deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, states that, «continued aggression by Russia would provoke a response by NATO and a greater alliance presence in Eastern Europe». Western corporate media, meanwhile, predictably surfs the hysterical monster waves of Russia demonizing.

The real action in fact is that multiple industrial military security surveillance complex actors in the Beltway are frantically jockeying for position in the next 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue set up, which might as well translate into a Clintonesque Gotterdammerung. As I stressed before, there’s been a frank admission by a US general in London that the Big Picture may spell out Hot War, as Putin, Professor Stephen Cohen and indeed Gorbachev have already warned.