A resident plows through a flooded road amid heavy rainfall in China’s Hebei Province, July 20, 2016.

Source: Press TV

Flash floods caused by heavy downpours in northern China have left nearly 100 people dead or missing over the past several days.

According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, at least 24 people have been confirmed dead in the country’s northern province of Hebei during the torrential rain and ensuing floods that have been lashing the region since Monday.

Hebei, with 72 people missing, has been declared the worst-hit among other affected northern provinces such as Shanxi, Henan and Shaanxi.

Around 123,000 people in 11 cities across Hebei were forced to evacuate and more than 7,000 houses were destroyed. Traffic, power and communications were also disrupted.

Commuters wade through water after getting off a bus in a flooded street in Beijing, China, July 20, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

The rainfall has also affected some neighborhoods of the capital, Beijing, as water submerged some roads by more than two meters. Hundreds of flights were canceled to and from the capital city’s main international airport. The rail authority in the capital also said some high-speed rail services had to be delayed.

Flooding is common in China in the rainy summer season.

The country’s worst flooding in recent history happened in 1998, when at least 4,150 people lost their lives, most of them along the Yangtze River.

Chinese officials had issued a warning about the potential for the high record of floods this year due to a strong El Nino weather pattern, which raises sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific and is linked to serious crop damage, forest fires, flash floods and drought around the world.