Source: FOX News

The Democrat National Convention seems to be mirroring for the American people exactly the kind of disarray and contempt for truth, laws, and order that progressive policies will continue wreak on the country, if given the chance to lead.

It’s difficult to imagine how this party’s Philadelphia party could get any worse, but the legacy of Wasserman Schultz will live on later this week when the relatives of those killed in police-related shootings are trotted out and put on full display for the cameras. The purpose of this show-and-tell we don’t need Wikileaks to help us see.

While the Republican National Convention focused on the role of law and order in restoring the American dream for all her people, the Democrats are continuing their fifty-year assault on the Black community, adding to it this season with the normalization of criminal behavior and demonization of law enforcement.

The Democrat Party’s embrace of chaos and criminality is the last step in breaking the backs of this community. From welfare to the Margaret Sanger eugenics of abortion to the breakdown of the family unit, the left has pursued policies that keep the Black community dependent, destitute, and demoralized – and fed them crumbs to assure their loyalty.