Records of Every U.S. Voter for Sale on Dark Web

Source: righteous

A few weeks ago we reported 400 million U.S. voters had their information hacked, to which many laughed, not reading the article and not realizing this included deceased voters. Now, the hacker behind the attacks is selling the information on the deep web for all to see – for the low-low price of $7,800.

Database Of All US Voters Available For Sale At $7,800 On The Dark Web

So, if you are one of those people all upset about the DNC hack and subsequent leak, you’re probably about to become more distressed. If you have registered to vote in the United States, hackers and criminals on the deep web now know everything about you, including your name, number, address, email, income – even if you own a gun or not.

Here Is A Screen Shot of One Exposed Record

Sample voter records from the exposed database

As reported by Techworm, the information is available for sale on “The Real Deal, a popular site many cyber criminals use for buying and selling everything from illegal drugs to zero-day software exploits. The seller is offering US voters’ records for each state at 0.5 BTC (around USD 340). The seller is also ready to offer the records at a “bulk rate” of 12 Bitcoin, or about $7,800.

The data itself comes from a series of three hacks, having taken place within the last year:

12-29-2015 | Personal Details of 191,337,174 US Voters Hacked on Misconfigured Federal Database:

1-3-2016 | Second Leaked Data-Base Containing 19 million records on Demographic Information on Specific Voters & 56,722,986 More Voters:

5/23/2016 | 154 Million More Voter Records Hacked: