The Democratic Party crowned Hillary Clinton its presidential nominee last Thursday in Philadelphia, but some of her robotic followers don’t think that’s enough. They’re secretly calling Hillary a “queen” — and even implying that she’s a goddess.

The media, and the Democratic Party, tried to keep the shocking idolatry secret – but The Horn News found the proof.

Actresses Lena Dunham and America Ferrara were set to call Hillary “our queen” last Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, but the Democrats decided to keep their comments under wraps.

Dunham asked the crowd, “Do you want equal pay for equal work? The right to make decisions about your body? Paid family leave? As Hillary Clinton says, ‘deal us in.’”

But the prepared text of her speech said, “As our queen says, ‘deal us in.’” The Horn News found a transcript of their original remarks:


Evidently, the party didn’t want the public to know about how they really see Hillary – as a queen to rule over the United States.

Incredibly, that wasn’t the most outrageous act of hero-worship the Democratic Party hid in plain sight last week.

Sarah McBride, the first transgender person ever to speak at a major political party’s convention, told thousands of people in Philadelphia, and millions watching around the world, that Hillary Clinton is God.

After telling delegates it’s not fair that men can’t use the women’s bathrooms and showers, McBride said Hillary could change all that. “Tomorrow, we can be respected and protected — especially if Hillary Clinton is our president,” McBride said. “And that’s why I’m proud to say that I’m with Her.”

The audience watching at home, or listening on the radio, would never have caught the fact that McBride capitalized the word “Her,” the same way some Bibles capitalize “He” when talking about the Lord God Almighty. Again, the official transcript of McBride’s speech tells the tale.


Whether it was an unintentional typo or a dog whistle to let Democrats know about their idolatry, it fits with Dunham’s remarks – and the way Hillary sees herself.

Most disturbingly, they’re not alone. Regular supporters have gotten in on the act as well, referring to Hillary as their queen on social media and making up fan shirts with the message.

Hillary is only on the nominee because she’s part of the Clinton political dynasty perpetuated through her marriage-of-convenience to Bill. She’s already preparing Chelsea to follow in her footsteps in the next generation.

Like a queen, she has set herself above the law in an unbroken string of scandals dating back more than 30 years, from getting a child molester a light prison sentence, to Whitewater, to selling influence to hostile foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation, to her homebrew e-mail server that was apparently compromised by Russian intelligence.

What does this cult-of-personality mean for our democracy? If her backers are calling her “our queen” and a goddess now, what will they tolerate from her when she’s president? Will they ever let her presidency end? After all, queens aren’t term-limited, and they never get voted out of office.

Whatever the future, the royal treatment should embarrass Hillary, who used her acceptance speech to accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of being an egomaniac.

“Americans don’t say: ‘I alone can fix it,’” she said.

Americans don’t have queens, either, Hillary.

– The Horn editorial staff.