The Real Reason Russia Is Supporting Trump – Its Not What You Think

Sources: NPR, WikiLeaks, The Wall Street Journal, BBC

The ‘Russian’ hack of Democrat Party servers has been dominating headlines recently, people are outraged that outside actors from Russia (Putin) and Sweden (Assange) are trying to manipulate US elections. It is hard to believe, but the Democrats have actually succeeded in deflection attention away from their scandalous leak and towards the Russians.

Wikileaks revealed how the primary system was indeed rigged all along, how the Clinton camp paid of CNN and MSNBC to spin news in her favor and how Democrat elites coordinated to sabotage the Sanders campaign – the head of the DNC even resigned amidst the scandal!

The short attention span of the American public is truly remarkable, less than a week after this leak, Democrats have seemingly all but forgot about this and moved on. Damage control went into immediate effect and people are now more angry over the notion that ‘those evil Russians are working for Trump’ than about the contents of the leak itself.

Let us just remember for a moment that there is no actual proof yet that the Russian are behind the hack, it is all speculation. The same FBI that investigated Hillary and let her off the hook for her email scandal is now the same agency ‘investigating’ if Russian’s are behind the hack. Gee, I wonder how that is going to turn out for them….

Don’t get me wrong, Trump has not exactly helped the cause, going on national television the day after and stating that the Russian’s should hack Hillary and find all her deleted emails. Trump later went on to say that he was “being sarcastic“, but the damage was already done. His statements could not have fit in any better with the Democrats rhetoric – blaming the Russians for the attack – and the main stream media has since taken the story and let it run.

What you international readers must realize is that here in the west, there is almost a complete media blackout from Russian news, headlines and information. This is only speculation, but if you were to poll all Americans citizens and ask how many of them have even heard Putin speak once, based on personal experience, I bet less than 10% of US citizens would say they have.

Here in the western world we read and hear about “Russian aggression” on a regular basis. Dating back to the Cold War, US citizens have been taught to fear the Russians and indoctrinated to believe they are the bad guys – instigating and raising tensions around the world. As we are seeing today, this makes them the perfect scapegoat.

But the fact remains, if Russia did indeed hack the Democrats and are responsible for releasing so much damning evidence against them, why didn’t they do this to Republicans? If Russia did this intentionally to sabotage Clinton and ensure Trump would become elected, why are the Russian’s supporting Trump?

The notion that Trump and Putin are somehow working and coordinating together is completely asinine. Russia does not like or support the United States in any way, shape or fashion. If you have any quarrels about this, listen to Putin’s speech from just a few weeks ago.

If Putin and Russian’s are indeed trying to effect the American elections and support Trump, it is not because he is working with Trump, it is because Russia believes a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the west and therefore to the benefit of Russia.

Over the years, Russia and China have developed a close relationship. They are military partners, regularly conducting military drills with one another and have even signed a mutual defense pact. Their economic and political philosophies are closely aligned and they share the same common interests.

Earlier this year in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, China’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei called Donald Trump “irrational” adding that “the United States wouldn’t be entitled to world leadership” if it elected a man like Donald Trump as President. He went on to explain how Trumps proposals, particularly towards the World Trade Organization and China would be an economic disaster, explaining how China’s economy is more intertwined with the United States than Trump realizes.

With the close relationship between China and Russia in modern times, with leaders of the Chinese government openly stating a Trump Presidency would be a disaster for the United States, it is no stretch to wonder why Russia would try to work to get Trump elected. It is not because Russia and Trump are best buddies, secretly working behind the scenes together, it is because Russia, like China, believes that Trump is an absolute joke and a Trump presidency would be in Russia best national interest.

Sources: NPR, WikiLeaks, The Wall Street Journal, BBC