North Korea Declares War Against United States if Annual ‘War Games’ Go Ahead

Sources: AP, Huffington Post, Short List, AnonHQ, The Express, RT

In the latest tensions between North Korea and the United States, North Korean Director-General Han Song Ryol for U.S. affairs has warned Washington that they have “crossed a red line.”

The response this week is in reaction to the United States listing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a sanctioned individual. It also highlights the current tensions regarding the annual U.S.-South Korea ‘war games’ in the South Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone.

Han went on record with Associated Press, saying these acts by the United States, coupled with heavy international sanctions for their nuclear weapons capabilities and continued U.S.-South Korean military exercises and the decision to deploy THAAD (missile defense system) in South Korea are acts of war.


The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown,” Han said. “We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war.

Day by day, the U.S. military blackmail against the DPRK and the isolation and pressure is becoming more open,” Han continued. “It is not us, it is the United States that first developed nuclear weapons, who first deployed them and who first used them against humankind. And on the issue of missiles and rockets, which are to deliver nuclear warheads and conventional weapons warheads, it is none other than the United States who first developed it and who first used it.

Further to the warning by the high-up diplomat, Han stated that the ‘war games’ due next month (the U.S. currently has around 29,000 troops stationed in South Korea) will be seen in the context of a war. As a result, North Korea will be forced to respond accordingly.

By doing these kinds of vicious and hostile acts toward the DPRK, the U.S. has already declared war against the DPRK. So it is our self-defensive right and justifiable action to respond in a very hard way.

We are all prepared for war, and we are all prepared for peace,” Han announced. “If the United States forces those kinds of large-scale exercises in August, then the situation caused by that will be the responsibility of the United States.

North Korea declares state of war with South 01

Although war has been “declared,” social media memes have gone viral, suggesting citizens of the United States aren’t quite ready to take the act seriously.

Although it is western tradition to laugh in the face of adversity, hoping for the best outcome, the United States’ well known “we will not negotiate” with North Korea stance earlier this year, when North Korea offered peace talks, may take a bite from Washington’s agenda.

The Express reported the North Korean peace talk offers to end the Korean War formerly, which Washington would only accept if the North Korean nation would step down its nuclear programme. However, as Han stated earlier this week, “it is the United States that first developed nuclear weapons, who first deployed them and who first used them against humankind, [not Korea].

It is a fair point on behalf of the North Korean spokesman. Coupled with the build-up of NATO forces along the Baltic borders of Russia, the Pope this week warning us of war, the South China Sea dispute and now the Korean War heating up again, is any of this a laughing matter to ignore?