Source: Horn News

The mainstream media has had a field day over the last few weeks blasting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The corporate news networks have jumped at every chance to publicize any negative story on The Donald they can – all while hiding major pro-Trump news stories in the shadows.

MSNBC’s top story Wednesday was “GOP reels after problematic day from Trump.” ABC’s lead story declared “Donald Trump Creates Existential Crisis for Republican Party” and CNN led with “The GOP’s Trump freakout.”

In the meantime, three top officials in the Democratic National Committee resigned in the face of a massive email scandal, and President Obama was caught secretly giving $400 million in ransom to Iran.

Still, the media chose to focus on any Trump gaffe that they could dig up. But the notion that Trump’s campaign is in free-fall may be the number-one lie the media is telling.

Because there’s one Trump story the mainstream media isn’t talking about – how surprisingly well organized his campaign has become. And it’s showing up in his ballooning fundraising numbers.

Trump raised $80 million in donations for his campaign and the GOP in July, his campaign announced Wednesday. The funds consist of $64 million through digital and direct-mail solicitations and $16 million through fundraising events hosted by Trump and the RNC.

Maintaining his promise to fund his own campaign, Trump has donated another $2 million of his own money, bringing his total personal investment to $56 million, according to his aides.
An increase in small dollar donations hint at a possibly huge voter turnout for Trump come November.

Trump’s campaign finance chairman Steven Mnuchin said, “We are extremely proud of our 69% growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America.”

Hillary Clinton has also touted her small dollar donations in a likely ploy to Bernie Sanders supporters. Her website claims her campaign “depends on small donations for the majority of our support.” In reality, a POLITICO report analyzed her Federal Election Commission report and revealed that “67 percent came from donors contributing $2,700 or more. Only 18 percent came from donations of $200 or less.”

Funding is increasingly important as the candidates enter the general election, where manpower is essential to a successful campaign.

And Trump seems to be coming on strong – but you wouldn’t know it turning on the news.

Trump will use these additional campaign funds to target battle ground states. Karen Giorno, a senior Trump adviser, said Trump has “amassed a large army of volunteers and supporters” and continues to add people to the payroll in key states.

“The campaign is in good shape. We are organized. We are moving forward,” campaign manager Paul Manafort told Fox News’s “Happening Now.”

Despite his campaign’s confidence, there remains little hope in Trump visible on the front pages of mainstream news sites.

These major news networks are attempting to convince the American public that Trump’s campaign is slowly crumbling, when reality is actually the opposite.

Even Fox News has jumped onboard, blaring the headline: “Clinton leads Trump by 10 points.”

But what they’re ignoring is that Clinton is likely enjoying the same post-convention bump that Trump enjoyed just weeks before.

The fact is, Trump’s polling numbers, over the long-term, have consistently increased – and this election is a marathon, not a sprint. A July 31st poll from Rasmussen shows Trump and Clinton neck and neck, with Clinton at 41 and Trump at 40. With Clinton’s post-convention bump taken into consideration, the fact is that the presidential race is far closer than it appears.

Trump knows where he stands and is more confident than ever, tweeting Wednesday, “There is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before. I want to thank everyone for your tremendous support. Beat Crooked H!”

And based on the facts – and not the headlines — beating Hillary is a definite possibility.