Source: Strategic Culture

On July 23 several hundred Shia Muslims held a peaceful demonstration in Kabul. They came from an ethno-religious group, the Hazaras, of about five million who live mainly in Bamiyan Province which last hit the headlines in 2001 when the Philistine savages of the Taliban destroyed its ancient statues. These were enormous sandstone carvings of the Buddha, lovingly sculpted 1400 years ago, and the barbarians blew them up in the name of their religion which, according to their warped interpretation of the Koran – based on opinions of so-called scholars – forbids portrayal and other reproduction of graceful or otherwise notable people and objects.

The Hazara Shias hadn’t travelled from their province to Kabul to protest against the murderous Taliban. All they want is that a power line be rerouted in order to provide them with electricity. It had been intended that the cables run through Shia Bamiyan, but the Kabul government, almost entirely Sunni, cancelled that decision.

The reason for abandoning the project was that it would be more «cost-effective» which, coming from the administration of one of the world’s most corrupt countries, would be amusing were it not contemptible. As the BBC records«Afghanistan ranks a woeful 166th out of 168 countries in Transparency International’s latest assessment of graft and crooked dealing around the world». The decision had nothing to do with saving money, all of which comes from foreign donors, with most of it ending up in mansions in Dubai. It was because Shias are regarded as kafirs – non-believers.

The Bamiyan Shias were making a vain attempt to persuade the crooked and ineffectual government of President Ashraf Ghani (himself not corrupt) to let them have electricity, and eighty of them died and hundreds of others were injured when demented suicide bombers blew themselves to bits. Islamic State’s Amaq news agency gloated that «two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi’ites in the city of Kabul».