NBC reporter Katy Tur believes she has the perfect analogy for Donald Trump’s relationship with the Republican party: Trump’s an abuser and the party is the partner in denial.

“I asked another (anonymous) party official about this today,” Tur reported Wednesday.

“I likened it to an abusive relationship basically. A girlfriend who keeps saying that despite the abuse her boyfriend is giving her — the attacks — that he’s going to change. He really loves her and promises her this time it’s going to be different.

“The RNC realizes this. They see that Donald Trump has promised that he would change and would pivot before and he hasn’t done it.

“Their issue is that they just can’t walk away,” Tur said.

The only documented spousal abuser in the presidential race, of course, is Hillary Clinton.

A new book by former Secret Service officer Gary J. Byrne and previewed exclusively on the Drudge Report Saturday evening, shows Hillary Clinton may actually be the “temperamentally unfit” candidate.

Chapter 1 of “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service officer discloses his firsthand experience with Hillary, Bill, and how they operate,” titled “The Vase,” reads in part:

Everyone on post that night, Secret Service agents (SAs), Secret Service Uniformed Division (UD) officers like myself, the houseman, and the ushers couldn’t help but hear the First Couple arguing as sounds from their fracases traveled through the old building. Mrs. Clinton had a booming voice, and their yelling matches easily traversed the living quarters’ private elevator, vents, and staircase. Many housemen eased away, but the SAs and UD couldn’t leave their posts. This was especially a big argument that ended with a crash. SAs were obligated to respond and found its cause, a vase on the other side of the room. A houseman picked up the damage. …

I peeked into the curator’s small, windowless ground-floor office across from the China Room and the Diplomatic Reception Room. It was cluttered with blueprints and history books on the every detail of the White House: fabrics, furniture, artifacts. Sure enough, there was a box containing a light blue vase smashed to bits. The rumors were true!

But the sexist analogy posited by NBC is that Trump is like an abuser.