Source: Conservative Daily Post

As November approaches, we’ve almost made it to the end of 8 horrible years of the Obama Administration in Office. Soon we will be electing a new President-hopefully Mr. Donald J. Trump. Before his departure from office, Obama just made a remark that exposes his true intentions all along.

He wants to be President for life-a king, a dictator, a tyrant, an emperor- whatever you call it, and it’s no joke. Recently while being interviewed by David Feherty of the Golf Channel, Obama said that he “isn’t quitting the presidency, but being forced out.”

Barrack Obama told The Golf Channel that he wants remain in power forever.


Obama told Feherty, ” I’m not a hack, but I’m quitting my day job.” Feherty, however, pointed out ” actually, you’re quitting your day job fairly shortly”, to which Obama said he might get “good”-and said that didn’t quit as President, but was “forced” to leave office.

Mr. Obama might have forgotten, but there are Constitutional limits to how long a President can remain in office.

22nd Amendment Martin

I am referring to the 22nd Amendment(above), ratified in 1951, that forbids any President from remaining in office for more than two terms, or eight years.

The President also may not “be elected to the office of the President” more than once. Sorry Obama, whether you quit or are “forced” out, you can’t be President again.

A more detailed account of Obama and Feherty’s interview can be found on Apparently, Mr. Feherty  and Obama also discussed the President’s plans post-presidency.

Obama explained that “if he quits his day job”, that of President of the United States, he will have more time to improve his golf game. However, even more shocking is the fact that during his time in Office, Obama has apparently had enough time to play 300 rounds of golf.

This is the leader of the free world. He should not that much time to “improve his swing”, but maybe his desire to do so will force him to quit the Presidency.


He definitely dosen’t want you to know that he spends much of his time playing golf.

Will you take part in a movement to petition Obama to leave office? America has no place for tyrants who don’t understand basic term limits and the democratic process.