The Clinton’s have released their tax reports. This was the 2015 version, and it showed some shocking truths about the couple. On your tax returns, what shows up include which charities you have donated to. Well in the case of the Clinton’s, they donated to their own charity. Needless to say some people weren’t happy about that.

Bill and Hillary’s tax returns were released and there are some interesting discoveries to be made

Their tax return showed that the Clinton’s made about $10.6 million, which was actually down from the nearly $30 million they made in 2014. The majority of their income came from Bill Clinton’s speaking and consulting fees, which come out to a total of $6 million.

They got $6 million just from people who want to hear the former President talk? Not to mention that Hillary has tried to convince people that she is a normal woman like them. I’m not sure how raking in $10 million makes you a normal and average American, but alright.

She claimed to be a “woman of the people” and according to the U.K Daily Mail in April, challenged Donald Trump to “walk the street” like a normal person. And yet she went to John Barrett Salon to get her hair done, where the STARTING price of a haircut, wash, and blow-dry is $600.

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People who get haircuts at salons that start at $600 don’t know what an average American can spend

How many average Americans do you know that can afford to get $600 haircuts? Not to mention that hers was probably a lot more expensive because she actually had the owner of the salon tend to her hair. So much for trying to be a average person.

Seriously how many average people do you know that can get the personal attention of the owner of a very nice salon? If she really was an average person, she would have gone to a Supercuts or somewhere like that. That further demonstrates she has no idea what an average person does.

Who can forget when she tried to give a speech on income inequality while wearing a $12,000 Armani jacket. Re-read that sentence. While wearing a very expensive jacket, she tried to connect with people who have very little income to spare. I highly doubt that most people will ever be able to touch one of those jackets, let alone actually own one.

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Anyone else see the irony in giving an income inequality speech while wearing a very expensive jacket?

So we have already concluded that Clinton, despite her attempts to play off that she is an average American, really doesn’t know what the definition of average is. That wasn’t even the icing on the cake. That would be the fact that in their tax returns, the Clintons donated $1 million TO THEIR OWN CHARITY.

You have read that correctly. The Clintons donated $1 million to the Clinton Family Foundation. It is separate from the Clinton Foundation that most people have heard of, but this charity is still under control of the Clintons. So it appears that it was a trick to convince people that they are actually very charitable.

Well when the charity you’re donating to is something that you own, it kind of undercuts the purpose of donating. Not to mention that the media ran away with this, trying to show how charitable the Democratic nominee for President is.

That didn’t get by Rush Limbaugh, who was talking about this on his radio show on Friday. He was speaking about the media bias towards Clinton. “But here’s the deal: 96 percent of Hillary’s charitable donations went to the Clinton Foundation! Yeah, 96 percent, they donated to themselves, and CNN just said, ‘Oh, look how much they give to charity! Aren’t they so wonderful?’ Yea.”

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CNN tries to spin the story to make it seem like the Clinton’s are really charitable.

So the media was trying to show the American people that they donate a tremendous amount to charity. Except for the fact that it was donated to a charity they own. So once again the media is trying to spin the story into a way that would benefit the Clintons the most.

It should also be noted that not a lot of money goes to charity. The media can spin it whichever way they want, but when you really look at it, not a lot of money is actually donated to the cause.

Limbaugh really went in on this as well. “It’s like 30 cents. The administrative costs on a dollar donated to the Clintons is like 70 cents, I think I saw that somewhere, 72 cents, something like that. They pay a lot of people at that foundation. They pay a lot of family members on that foundation. Yeah, of course.  There are people that work for the foundation. You have secretaries, you have fundraisers, you have liaisons.  There’s a lot of people that earn money from that foundation. Yes, my friends. That way the Clintons don’t have to pay them. Charitable donors — ahem — do.”

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Only 30 cents is donated to charity. I would look disappointed too

Only 30 cents out of every dollar is actually donated to charity. What a gigantic waste. So effectively if I were to donate $100 to this charity, only $30 of it would actually go to helping the cause. The other $70 would be used to pay people that work there. That’s not what my money was meant for.

If I donate to a charity, I want to know that the majority of it is actually going to the cause itself and not being used to just pay people that work there. And yet that is what happens when you donate to a charity owned by the Clintons.

So now that their taxes have been released, the people of the United States can really see how much money the Clintons make. Not to mention that Hillary herself tries to make it seem like she is an average citizen. Well average citizens can’t afford to drop $600 on haircut appointments, nor do they wear $12,000 jackets when trying to discuss income inequality.

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Don’t buy into the notion that Hillary is an “average” person.

Please share this article and show just how manipulative the Clintons are. They may say they are for the people, but when you donate to your own charity, it just seems suspicious.