United States by the Numbers – How Statistics Paint a Dark Picture of the Nation

Source: righteous

You can make statistics say just about anything you want, but what do the following statistics say to you? The following is a sobering look at how Americans throughout society feel about their lives and the system in place, which governs them.

6% trust the main stream media. A recent poll, taken by the Associated Press, has revealed that only 6% of news viewers actually trust the information presented to them. Breaking the study down further, 85% of people believe the media does not get its facts right, 72% say there needs to be less opinion in journalism, 63% say their is too much advertising in media and finally, 79% say the media needs to produce more diverse sources for stories they are covering.

51% believe the electoral voting system is rigged. When presented with the question “Agree or disagree: The current system of presidential primaries and caucuses are ‘rigged’ against some candidates?” Only 23.6% of people actually disagreed with the statement and overall, 51% of perspective American voters in the upcoming election believe that the system as a whole, is rigged in general.

63.7% have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump. Mr Trump has the lowest favorability rating of any Presidential candidate at this time, comparable to any election throughout U.S. history. Though he has consistently polled well over the 50% unfavorable margin, his stock has plummeted in recent weeks after a spat with the father of a Muslim solider killed in battle – the soldier had fought for the U.S. Army.

54.3% have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton. You might say that with Trump having such a high disapproval rating, it would have to mean his opponent had a favorable opinion – right? Well, you would be wrong,.Clinton has also consistently polled above a 50% unfavorable rating – for months. You might then wonder, how did either of their people end up with so many votes in the first place?

It is called negative partisanship. This is the first time we have ever seen this in a national election. Essentially, people are voting for Clinton and the Democrats not because they support her, but because they are very much opposed to Trump. At the same time, people are voting for Trump not because they support him, but because they are opposed to Hillary Clinton. The true definition of “choosing the lesser of two evils.”

91% of Americans haven’t voted for Trump or Clinton. It sounds hard to believe, but when you add together 103 million children, non-citizens or ineligible felons who do not have the right to vote; the fact that 88 million eligible adults choose not to vote whatsoever, 73 million others chose not to vote in the primaries (but may in the general election), this totals 264 million people.

Only around 60 million people have voted for Democrats or Republicans in the primary – and not all votes were cast for Clinton or Trump – sizable portions went to Sanders and Cruz, for example. Deduct these votes and add it to the 264 million others, you will find that only 9% of the United States voted for either Trump or Clinton. Yay for Democracy!

89% disapprove of Congress. It is not all bad I suppose, from 2013 to 2015 the Congressional approval rating jumped +2% from 91%; disapproval to 89%. I hesitate to say that this was a result of the Republicans taking control of congress in 2014, because President Barack Obama’s ratings have also raised over the same time.

71% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. A new national study, conducted by Marketplace and Edison, has revealed that almost three-quarters of the population of the United States (71%) believe that their country’s economy is rigged to favor the few super-rich in the country. Breaking the study down further, 32% said they have lost sleep over their financial situation and 48% said the economy for the next generation of Americans, will be far worse than that of the present.