Hillary Clinton reacts to the fireworks display as Bill Clinton joins her on stage after her acceptance speech for the nomination to be President at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. (AP)

It isn’t hard to find a serious article or piece of punditry in 2016 lamenting the country’s steep decline. There are suspicions — quite well founded — that President Obama has used his time in the White House to take the U.S. down a notch or two with malice aforethought.

Or maybe he’s just incompetent.

What can’t be argued is that over his years, the national debt has soared to historic heights, rising from $8.5 trillion to more than $19 trillion, the country’s workforce has been crushed, with more than 90 million not working, and his flaccid economic recovery is $3 trillion behind the legendary Ronald Reagan resurgence.

Meanwhile, the country has probably never been as polarized as it is now. Elitists have declared war on the common man. The seeds of division have bloomed into prickly vines grating at those who have opinions and thoughts that the media and our self-appointed superiors don’t approve of. The president lights racial fires whenever and wherever possible. Our universities are institutions of forced conformity, narrow thought and seething Hells for dissenters.

As we fight amongst ourselves, an enemy has emerged within our borders — terrorism has indeed become far more than the nuisance that Secretary of State John Kerry said we needed to learn to put up with.

How have these things happened? How can so many wretched people be in so many places of power, overseeing this descent into a stew of dreariness? Simply put, the electorate has lost its mind. Voters put Obama in the White House in 2008 without ever looking into his background — to be fair, the media weren’t interested in doing its due diligence in investigating his past — and voted him in again in 2012, still unsure of his background but clearly aware of the wreck that was his first four years.

Like children acting up against their parents, twice they raced to the polls to vote for a candidate because his middle name is Hussein, because, hey, that’ll show ’em . . .

Now in 2016, the electorate is still absent its mind. The Republican candidate is no Republican — but he does have a good tax plan — and the Democratic nominee is the most unfit candidate for the presidency since, well, Obama ran. If not for him, though, she’d be the least qualified White House candidate ever put forth by a major party in this country’s history.

If she is elected, then we’ll know that the country is quickly entering the middle part of a long fall that it might not be able to pull out of. If voters are now incapable of making rational decisions, then what hope is there?

Sometimes hope is all there is, but eight years after hope and change, there’s little of it. Change is needed, but it looks like we’re in for more of the same. How can this be? How can anyone, even the most true-believing Democrat, vote for a candidate who:

  • Sold the U.S. State Department in return for donations to the family’s Clinton Foundation, which has been justifiably described as a slush fund for Bill and Hillary. The Clintons have always been about building an empire. They are the greediest people on Earth. Why give them more by electing her president?
  • Put national security at risk with her home-brew email system because she feels she’s above the law and the rules that everyone else is supposed to live by.
  • Might have gotten an Iranian nuclear scientist who was apparently spying for the U.S. executed by the regime in Tehran by mentioning him as “our friend” in her nonsecure email.
  • Continues to lie. And lie. And lie.
  • Is looking like the picture of extremely poor health. Some of the claims might be overstated, but we won’t find out the truth from the media because they’re too busy protecting her.

And, worse than anything mentioned so far, Clinton feels entitled to be president and craves the raw political power that any tyrant would. This alone should disqualify her for the presidency. The Oval Office is not a throne room. If she’s elected, America is on the fast track to becoming the Sick Man of the world.