This Photo Was Allegedly Taken In Mexico, We Are Working TIRELESSLY To Confirm

One of Osama bin Laden’s biggest goals was to carry out an attack inside the United States. He didn’t want to carry out something small, but rather a major attack that would stay fresh on Americans minds for many years. 9/11 changed everything for the US and how we fought terrorism.

Following the Iraq war and the death of bin Laden, ISIS grew into power. Today, they have become the largest, strongest, and most sophisticated terrorist group this world has ever seen. They have affiliates in over a dozen countries, they carry out attacks in nearly any country they want, and now they are getting very close to being able to infiltrate the United States.

Judicial Watch indicates that when an ISIS cell was arrested and criminally charged in Ohio earlier this month, he confirmed that ISIS does in fact have cells throughout Mexico.

Federal authorities commented anonymously on the matter and confirmed that ISIS is creating a large presence in Mexico to infiltrate our southern border. 

We Need The Wall Now More Than Ever
We Need The Wall Now More Than Ever

Several agencies, pundits, and media outlets have speculated on this becoming a reality, but the FBI has just confirmed it to be true. Groups like Judicial Watch have published a series of articles proving their is a connection between drug cartels, corruption, and terrorism on our southern border.

It was just last year when a story broke indicating that an ISIS training camp was found just a few miles from El Paso, Texas in an area known as “Anapra.”

Anapra Is Closer To The Border Than Juarez

Federal sources have gone on the record indicating that ISIS has dozens, maybe even hundreds, of terror cells operating in Mexico. As you can imagine, the Obama administration has vehemently denied it, but secret FBI sources are stating that Obama is lying.

Now that we have an actual ISIS cell locked in prison, he is telling US officials everything he knows so he can cop a plea deal. Sources indicate that Erick Jamal Hendricks (the ISIS cell) has been charged with conspiring to provide ISIS with material support.

According to the DOJ, Hendricks created a sleeper cell with at least a dozen members, and proudly asserts that some of his jihadist “brothers” are just south of the U.S. border in Mexico waiting to strike.

Hendricks was caught trying to “recruit people to train together and conduct terrorist attacks in the United States,” according to the government’s criminal complaint.

Hendricks attempted to contact an ISIS cell he referred to as “CW-1”, who was arrested last summer, about joining forces to carry out a major attack inside the United States.

They Are Building A Small Army In This Country

According to the DOJ:

“Hendricks allegedly told CW-1 that he ‘needed people’ and wanted to meet in person; that there were several ‘brothers’ located in Texas and Mexico; that he was attempting to ‘get brothers to meet face to face;’ and that he wanted ‘to get brothers to train together.’”

Hendricks and his sleeper cell planned to specifically carry out attacks against military members and women. Federal prosecutors reveal that Hendricks vetted “CW-1” by testing his religious knowledge and commitment to Jihad and Allah.

This one case is just a smaller piece to the larger puzzle. We are dealing with unprecedented levels of homegrown terrorism under Obama because he continues to allow Islam to run rampant in this country. We are also dealing with our southern border being infiltrated because Obama refuses to patrol and secure our border.

An FBI source has admitted several times that he can confirm that radical Islamic terrorists are training in towns in Mexico that are right next to our southern border. The FBI admits that these ISIS cells are joining forces with Mexican drug cartels in order to successfully infiltrate the United States.

We aren’t a country if we don’t secure our borders, it is that simple. We have had weak border laws for many years that have allowed Mexican drug cartels to come and go as the please with drugs and weapons. Now, ISIS has joined forces with them as they plan to smuggle things into the US to carry out an attack.

Mexican cartels smuggle their resources primarily through underground tunnels. What would stop ISIS from smuggling key ingredients into the US to make a large bomb? We have never needed a wall more than we do now.

Obama has allowed the threat of ISIS to go well beyond the Middle East. They have a global reach and have the ability to carry out an attack anywhere they want. The United States is the ultimate prize for them and weak leadership from Obama and Hillary will allow them to carry out an attack on US soil if we aren’t careful.

Americans Agree ISIS Is Our Greatest Threat, Wish Obama And Hillary Did

Americans Agree ISIS Is Our Greatest Threat, Wish Obama And Hillary Did

We have to elect Donald Trump in November. We cannot allow ISIS to continue to exist, we have to create a border wall to protect this country, and Hillary won’t accomplish either of those things. We encourage everyone to join the fight showing that ISIS is literally a couple hundred feet from our southern border. That is a fact from the FBI.

The time is now to start winning in the polls and create a wave of momentum for Trump to ride into November so we can all win this for the future of America.