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There Is More Corruption In The Clinton Foundation. In Other News The Sky Is Blue And The Grass Is Green


The State Department sought a major land deal with a Nigerian firm that had ties to the Clinton Foundation. This happened when Hillary Clinton was acting as President Obama’s Secretary of State. All of this is going on when the liberal media is trying to attack Donald Trump once again.

Records obtained by Fox News showed that just after Clinton left the Obama administration, the State Department attempted to take steps to purchase some real estate in Nigeria. The kicker is that the firm was owned by a company that is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation.

William P. Franklin, who is an “international realty specialist” at the State Department emailed Mary E. David, expressing interest by the department in purchasing property at Eko Atlantic. It’s a massive real estate development that is located off the coast of Lagos. What makes this interesting was that the letter was to be “delivered to Ronald Chagoury.”

Chagoury Family
The Letter Had To Be Delivered To A Family Member With Close Ties To The Clinton Foundation

The letter asked if the department could proceed with “acquisition of the real property…[at] the asking price of $1,250 per square meter.” Now normally there isn’t interest in finding locations in different places in the world. They are usually just “scouting locations for embassies, consulates and other diplomatic facilities.” That isn’t unusual.

What is scary is the fact that the price was over $1,000 per square meter. This was also meant to be for a city that wasn’t built yet. Again it isn’t unusual to scout locations but even that price seems a bit steep.

However what drew interest was the fact that the person the letter was sent to, Ronald Chagoury, is the brother and business partner of Gilbert Chagoury. He is a Lebanese-born businessman who has given anywhere from $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Gilbert Chagoury’s friendship with the Clintons can be seen as far back as during the time when Bill Clinton was the president of the United States. In fact during the mid 90s, Chagoury donated almost half a million dollars to a voter-registration drive that was supposed to help Democratic candidates in elections.

Their Friendship Can Be Traced Back To When Bill Clinton Was In Office

That wasn’t all. He also attended a White House dinner for premium donors, and met with other high-ranking officials. That was including Susan Rice, who is now President Obama’s national security adviser. What is the big deal here? Well during that dinner, they were discussing how to shape the United States policy toward Nigeria.

It’s a little long winded, but all of this shows that the State Department was attempting to do a big favor to someone who donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation. This coincides with the recent email release that showed some people at the State Department would do special favors for people who donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

This would allow the Clintons to do what they can to change the political power immensely. They get the money from the foreign donors. The foreign donors would donate to most likely get a say in some sort of political deal or issue. That is why this is so important.

If you don’t believe me, then look at this. The State Department’s outreach happened less than a month after the former president took at look at the Eko Atlantic project. This was the second time that this had happened. The first time that it had happened was in 2009.

The project was considered something very ambitious. They had to take millions of tons of sand from the sea floor and create an estimated three and a half square miles of new land. They wanted to establish a “21st century city… for residential, commercial, financial and tourist development.”

Eko Atlantic City
This Is The Type Of City That Eko Atlantic Is Supposed To Turn Into

Well having some high-ranking people like the Clintons would get some notable attention. Also consider the timing of all this. Bill Clinton toured the site, for the second time, on February 21, 2013. That would be twenty days after Hillary Clinton left the State Department. And less than a month after that the State Department reached out to the Chagoury family.

Basically the connection is this. The Chagoury family donates to the Clinton Foundation anywhere between $1 and $5 million. The Clinton’s probably said something along the lines of “you scratch our back I’ll scratch yours.”

The State Department then tries to buy some land from the family that donates to the Clinton Foundation. The amount of land is being purchased for over $1,000 per square meter. The amount of land was three and a half square miles. That is a tremendous amount of money.

This Eko Atlantic Is Located In The Country Of Nigeria

Fortunately for the rest of the United States, this deal never actually went through. But this still shows the amount of power that the Clinton Foundation had. They are trying to reward the people that have donated the most to them. This is dangerous because then the people who have donated the most are going to have special favors done.

If that were to happen during the Presidency, then who knows what Clinton is going to do to reward them. The phrase that comes to mind is “pay-to-play.” That means that the people who pay the most are going to get the most out of it. That also means that people in the lower classes who can’t afford to donate this much are going to get left out.

There goes the middle class. There go a lot of jobs that people need. Who knows what else that Clinton has promised people.

We cannot let this type of corruption get into the Oval Office. Please share this article for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to show people the amount of corruption that the Clinton Foundation, and the State Department, has. The other reason is to get people out to voice their support for Donald Trump. Maybe if he gets in then the corruption will stop.