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What Is Khizr Khan Doing On An Affair Website? That Isn’t The Only Thing He’s Doing


Remember Khizr Khan? How could you forget? Well for those of you who have forgotten about him, he was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention who spoke out against Donald Trump.

Khan is the father of Captain Humayun Khan, a United States soldier who died in the Iraq War in 2004. After his death, there was a foundation set up to honor his memory.

As you may remember, Trump fired back and a whole controversy happened. Naturally the media offered to have Khan speak on every national station and spout some anti-Trump propaganda. Well now there is something out that could essentially destroy the image that Khan painted for him. He constantly tried to use the message of family and how they were all close.

There Are Some Dirty Secrets That Khan Is Hiding!

Well now some interesting searches have come out and apparently there is a link between the Khan family and the Ashley Madison website. Ashley Madison was a website that allowed people to create accounts and use that account to cheat on their significant others.

Now Ashley Madison had a hack that exposed people that were using the site. Well after some research was done, there appeared to be a connection between the email account Khan uses and an email that was released in the leaks.

Courtesy of public records, we are able to see that Khizr Khan uses the email, All opinions aside, this happens to be the same email that comes up from the Ashley Madison hack. So it appears that Khan was using this email to cheat on his wife.

Khans Email Addresses
That Email Address Matched Khans Former Residence

That isn’t everything however. People are going to claim that it wasn’t him using it. It was someone else. Well when you register with Ashley Madison, you have to input your birth date. Well guess what, the birth date registered matched Khans. Now people are still going to claim that it’s a coincidence.

Really? How coincidental can you get? Someone using Khans birth date AND email account was registered to Ashley Madison? That is too coincidental.

The research isn’t done there. Remember his email account contained “kinky lick”. Well when you Google search that specific search term, an address and place comes up comes up. The title is called “Kinkylick’s Wet Room.” Please don’t Google what “wet” means, because it surely isn’t referring to water. But guess what, it doesn’t stop there!

Sex Fetish Hosting Place
This Is What Comes Up When You Google Search “Kinky Lick”. Please Don’t Google Anything Else

The address listed is 500 David road in Charlottesville, Virginia. Guess what? Khan used to live AT THIS SAME ADDRESS. So if we put two and two together, it appears that Khan could have been hosting a private fetish sex club.

That’s just disturbing. Like seriously the Democrats wanted to tout this guy as an attacker against Trump, and he is using his home address to host sex club activities? Things can’t get worse than that.

Oh yes they can. Remember how Khan set up a foundation for the memory of his son? It’s an honorable thing to do, except in this case. The foundation naturally had it’s own address. Guess where that address resides.

According to YellowPages, the address of the Humayun Khan Foundation is 500 David Road in Charlottesville, Virginia. So essentially, the very same address for this fetish party is the same as the former residence of the Khans AND the same building used to honor their son.

Khan Foundation Website
The Sex Club Matched The Khan Foundation’s Address. How Disgusting!

That is truly disgusting. They are using the building they built for their sons Foundation as an area to host their private fetish sex club. Now yes people are allowed to engage in these, we shall call them “activities”, but here is arguably the best part.

Khan is a Muslim immigration lawyer. He used to write incredible pieces claiming how Islamic Sharia law was amazing. Well here’s a question I have for you then. Are fetish sex clubs completely okay under Sharia law? It’s a totally valid question since apparently these clubs were being hosted at your SONS Foundation.

The people at decided to try and reach out to Khan and his family to see what they had to say about this. Naturally they denied any activity in this.

“Dear Stephanie: I spoke with both of my sons. Eldest does not live with us for the last six years. Youngest with his wife lives with us. Have never had any such activity or email. Also I asked about the Foundation site and my eldest son confirmed that site from day one since 2004 is hosted by a third party service provider not us. Please advise. Thank you.”

Khan Response
This Was The Khan Response. Typical Denial

That really doesn’t answer anything. If it wasn’t the Khans that did this, then why did all of those searches pop up? How were those records shown? If it wasn’t them, then who is using their sons foundation as a sex fetish club?

These are all questions that need to be answered but undoubtedly won’t be. Right now the facts are this. The Khans used an email account. That very same email account was listed in Ashley Madison’s hack. A quick search of the email also brings up a “nightclub and home” place called “Kinkylick’s Wet Room.” The address of that place is the exact same address as their sons Foundation and their former residence.

So basically when we put together all the facts it comes to this. Khizr Khan could have been using the Ashley Madison site to cheat on his wife and host private parties at his old house AND sons foundation, where they engaged in these fetish sex acts.

This Is The Person That The Democrats Touted During Their Convention

Wow. This is the person that the news station willingly brought on to their news stations and spoke out against Trump? This is the person that the Democrats brought on stage to talk at the Democratic National Convention? It seems that Khan has some dirty secrets that he doesn’t want to be known.

So guess what? Share this article to show just the type of person that the Democrats touted so heavily. The more people that know about this, the more we can use it to discredit the Democrats.